Zeus vs Thor. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4.

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2014-11-24 14:00:04

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  2. Thor

  3. Shit was straight fire, I don't know who the fuck won. "tie"

  4. Hold the Heathen Hammer High.

  5. omgosh it is like this vid was from 2004 and right now we were in 2007
    isn't it crazy?

  6. Don't you just hate ads?

  7. This battle is sick! By far the best ERB, in my opinion, which is basically fact.

  8. Or anubis vs hades

  9. poseidon vs loki

  10. Zeus' first line

  11. Goes to Thor

  12. Both were pretty equals. both were savage af

  13. i really want to see this without legos

  14. when thor said vallhala at your boy I thought which one

  15. thor for shore

  16. Jesus Christ Vs Satan

  17. Rules!

  18. Zeus won Greek origin

  19. Ahhh Fuck It I Can't think of a good name

    Most people think Loki was fake but no, he was real in norse mythology he wasn't Thor's brother though and he wasn't evil, he was a demigod who was close to Thor and was just a god of mischief not evil

  20. Thor all the way

  21. Zeus won plus in the original story Zeus did eat a couple of his kids so…

  22. That loki is so adorable!! He is like "norse! :D" cute

  23. Thor str8 murdered Zeus💯

  24. Did anyone else notice that the Lego character on the far left at 1:13 was Bombur from the Hobbit Trilogy

  25. Hera vs. Frigga!

  26. This would be much more funnier if you guys read Greek mythology and Norse mythology

  27. Bruce Dickinson vs Iron man

  28. Awesome warrior amburn

    captain America vs iron Man

  29. Awesome warrior amburn


  30. These are always so well-written. Even if you don't like the beat, the lyrics are always well researched. A lot of information to know, props to the writers.

  31. Beowulf vs Achilles

  32. I actually had to research what opa was. Also had no one notice when Zeus tried to send Thor on a Viking funeral.

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