Zeus vs Thor. Behind the Scenes of Epic Rap Battles of History pt.1

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2014-11-24 14:00:05

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  2. "Epic Snake Battles of History! King Cobra… Versus… Boa Constrictor! Begin!"
    What a Snake battle would start like.

  3. doesnt anyone consider the fact that LEGO is from Denmark? it fits perfectly for this battle.


  5. You had me the moment you wore that Umbrella Tshirt

  6. Did u help with the lego movie?!

  7. At 2:53, you can see the Lego Bat cave for The Justice League 2!!

  8. I remember watching forestfire101 when I was like 8 years old (17 now). I feel so old.

  9. Wait so Forrest doesn't actually animate his stuff?

  10. Forestfirefilms is the fucking shit

  11. Hype for Snake battle

  12. 2:12 Sean looks like Jacksepticeye

  13. i tgought you run out of make up

  14. I envy the sheer amount of Legos and minifigures that these guys have. I mean, I had a lot, but they were all boring pieces that never could have had end results like those sets..

  15. It's funny because I have been subscribed to forestfire101 for the longest time

  16. I didn't know ForestFire was the man behind the bricks! I LOVE his Batman videos

  17. Better than anything Tim Burton has done art-design for in like 20 years so haha. Good job guys. No back-hand compliment intended!

  18. Still waiting for Epic Snake Battles…

  19. RIP monday show

  20. really cool stuff!

  21. 2:39 "fun fact-"
    "Shut up"

  22. 1:39 …………… IT'S A SUPER SAIYAN!!!

  23. You still owe us that snake video

  24. At 2:30 is he from digitalwizardz

  25. Forest and Sean are so adorably cute!!! I want to date you Sean!! They would make such a cute couple!!

  26. brick toy? BRICK TOY? WTF

  27. Lego batman in the background , but it's been 2 years since the video soooo……………..

  28. Uh yeah that "umbrella" shirt has a KKK logo on it

  29. animated brick toy… slowclap

  30. they should do the last of us vs the walking dead

  31. I need every single Lego model in that video

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