Why is Thor Unworthy!? (Fan Theory)

The Untold Origin Of Mjolnir: Thor is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by …
2016-10-22 13:00:01

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  1. I hate that Nick Fury was secretly saving the world. So Ironman, Thor, Doctor Strange… nobody knew?

  2. Awesome video bro…you are one smart cookie!!

  3. he whispered to the hammer "I want everyone to hate marvel"

  4. Question:- If Mjolnir is, well, sentient, could it use a Nova force/corps helm or an Iron Man suit of it's pwn free will please?

  5. Nick a Fury: "you're a boring and uninteresting character and you need a status quo shakeup"

    drops hammer

    In seriousness, Thor mentions in Unworthy Thor recently that "all it took a whisper" and the worst part is that it was "a truth he cannot refute" so whatever Fury said was a truth or a statement that proves Thor is unworthy. Maybe it was a past act of selfishness, or just something about Thor that he can't deny because he knows it's true, and thus he's unworthy.

  6. love the theory

  7. The reason why Jane Foster can lift the hammer — The hammer became sexist against male. We don't know if other women or goddess like Sif can lift it. Also if the hammer is personified into a male personality if that is the case it would most definitely prefer a woman taking hold of its' handle. Bloodpool would agree with that statement. I am surprise the hammer doesn't want to take on a male body to procreate with Jane Foster maybe it will when it have a talk with the comic cube. =D

  8. Fucking Jane foster!!!i want thor back by the way THOR ISNT A MANTLE!!!THOR IS THE REAL NAME OF THE ONE WHO WEILD IT BEFORE ¡¡THOR ODINSON!!!!! so yeah its pretty stupid that they called "thor" when its jane foster

  9. while your correct that the hammer chose Jane Foster The Unworthy Thor mini story disproves this theory. Odinson refers to the wisper as something he can't refute meaning Fury did intact tell him something. What he said is still unknown but it likely has to do with how he became worthy when he first picked up the hammer.

  10. Here's an idea: What if Nick 'did' whisper to Thor, and what he told him was that Jane Foster was the entity that was imprisoned into the Uru. After 'Unworthy Thor issue #4', the Ultimate Mjolnir is screaming for 'its' Thor. In the flashback, Jane says if she did believe in gods, she'd believe in one like Thor(though it could have been flirting). Maybe I'm just reading too much into it and going the completely wrong way.

  11. If you can explain how Nick Fury could remove Odin's enchantment, a mortal can remove a "God's" affirmation???? Even with his "knowledge" how could he do it and why wouldn't LOKI have done this aeons ago Nick Fury has more knowledge now than Loki??? Explain that and I am all-in. Love your work by the way!

  12. Nick Fury said to the hammer: We need to push our cultural marxist and feminist agenda.

  13. maybe jane could lift it cuz the hammer pick her so Jane could live longer, maybe the hammer do care for Jane like Thor care for Jane.

  14. the enchantment was changed to read "she who is worthy" rather than "he who is worthy"

  15. Because Odin is and was always a piece of shit and it's all coming back on him. That is why Thor can't lift it. Thor needs to become his own man OUTSIDE of his father's wishes and commands. Once he does that, he will become worthy again. That is why Jane can lift it. She has decided to meet death on HER terms, not rely on Asgardian magic to heal her, by serving others as Thor.

  16. The theory sounds pretty on the ball, though I would like to see if Odinson gets the Ultimate Mjolnir and after Jane's eventual death, if the Hammer tries to return to him for him to tell it, eloquently of course, to go F it's self after having abandoned him.

  17. It would have been so lame if Nick with whatever tech he had could have bested an enchantment by Odin (even if he had some kind of magic, its still the Odin's Force…). But, if that's true, there is a contradiccion in your theory: if we concede that the hammer has a will of its own and is that same will that chose Thor, it should have been nullified with the first enchantment of Odin, since Thor only could lift it AFTER it was removed, and therefore, the hammer could not chose him before that. So, if Fury somehow reverse the enchantment to the previous one, Jane Foster should not have been able to lift it.
    Moreover, later in Time Runs Out, you can see that Odinson defeared Thorr (a Thor from another Earth while an incursion), and took his hammer, which could only be lifted by the UNWORTHY. So this would confirm that Odinson indeed became unworthy by whatever Nick whispered, at least untill the very end, in which he accepted to die in battle and couldn't use his stolen hammer anymore, showing that he died being whorty (which was a nice touch xD)

  18. right before the end of the universe before secret wars, Thor became worthy again when fighting the beyonders.

  19. hmm i think the hammer is a fucking shit Seriously i think hes bored with Boys and wanna to be lift by a girl

  20. Why would the hammer listen to Fury? unless he is Jehovah then thats bullshit. man comics are shit now.

  21. Maybe Nick made Mjolnir think Thor had lost his worth and when Jane Foster took it Mjolnir thought Thor must have gained his original worth not realizing the person holding it was just simply close to Thor that's just what i think

  22. " Thor almighty kid "

  23. this would be awesome if it was true

  24. fuck nick fury I'm sick of these non deity characters getting more respect than gods. also while the theory is cool its all because the writer of the current Thor books is a annoying feminist.

  25. 4:43 lol look at thors face on the right

  26. You are adopted too your father is Sultur?
    or Pip….yes definetly Pip!

  27. How about one of the females Thor romped with was an unknown step daughter/grand daughter of Odin when Odin was going around mating with women? Seems like a more likely story and that would explain everything.

  28. spell check!

  29. Truer than adamantine? Think Hercules.

  30. My theory is that the writer himself doesn't know what Nick "said". Was just a way to take Thor off the map. He was probably thing "I will think of something later". Also your theory doesn't make sense, as Thor was able to lift the hammer because the hammer choose him, even before any modification to the spell so changing the spell back should not affect his ability to wield it.

    Also, his name is Thor, not "odin son". Its like you saying to your girl friend, "im no longer worth of the name Rob, but you are, so from this day forward your name is Rob".

  31. OK, then why does the hammer dislike Thor Odinson? It has been with him for centuries, with both him and the hammer showing loyalty to the other. I can see the hammer dissing Odin, but not his son.

  32. hey Rob it makes sense to me maybe Thor got sloppy and even though Odin had his enchantment on the hammer it still boiled down to the cosmic weather inside the hammers decision on who would or would wield it l. it's obvious thor(the real one l) will receive his hammer back but not yet. something has to happen that in the cosmic weathers consciousness that will seem him worthy once more. after all it's obvious that Loki will receive that same sword and power the god butcher had. that why they did this. maybe god butcher was Showing us the end as the beginning????? idk peace comics explained

  33. Maybe the hammer picked Jane Foster because it's more familiar with her than with anyone in the Thor mythos. Perhaps the hammer was always aware of the world around it but unable to act on it's own. To further add to that theory, I seem to recall that Thor's hammer had the ability to teleport people anywhere in the universe, that may explain how Jane Foster was able to get to the moon to pick the hammer up.

  34. Thor isnt unworthy…its the other way around…Mjolnir isnt worthy for him…Ultimate Mjolnir (battle world) combined with powers of all the cosmic storms in other universes is destined for Thor Odinson.

  35. theory doesn't make sense, at one point you said the hammer may be sentient and chose not to have Odin lift, Odinga then enchantment to hammer so noone can lift it, then he removed the enchantment altogether and the hammer (sentient) chose odinson to lift it. Odin then modifies the enchantment (anyone thatis worthy…) I'll stop right there, that doesn't make sense if the hammer is sentient and found Their worthy when it found Odin unworthy then why would Odin enchant it say "whomever is worthy….." odinson enchantment is useless as the hammer is sentient and doesn't need enchanting to find someone worthy…..(picking up where I left off earlier) so if Odin modified the enchantment and then Fury came and remove the enchantment the hammer should still be Thor's to lift because the sentient hammer already chose Thor as a wielder (unless it now chose that he's unworthy much like it did to Odin) which again doesn't make sense because. because it would be a useless enchantment if the storm within the hammer is doing the choosing itself.

  36. nick just told Thor, "I know your secret, you were never worthy." thus, thor dropped the hammer.

  37. Possibly because she's a humble woman, knowing the pains of others touched mjjunoir and it chose it from that trait? Just my theory

  38. i agree with your explanation concerning odinson not being able to use his hammer anymore. it should have been obvious when odin couldn't even lift it. i doubt mjolnir would have let frigga lift it. whatever nick fury had said, had changed an enchantment within mjolnir. i believe fury was able to do this because he had access to the watcher's information network. i believe that when odinson finally gets his hands on this new hammer, he will be able to use it because he is 'worthy'. and who says we can't have 2 thors? marvel has 2 spider-man's, 2 captain americas, 2 hawkeyes, and 2 hulks.

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