Who’s Better: Thor or Loki?

Thor’s brother, Loki, enlists some experts to find the answer.
2013-11-05 05:00:33

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  1. Loki is better

  2. Did u hear that one kid that said Loki!

  3. Me:*Being the odd one out*

  4. The giant brainvader from "Futurama" says neither.

  5. 0:03 Woah what was that kid in the red shirt doing?

  6. XD Theeeeeree's our Loki!!! Yep, that's him alright

  7. Loki before is nice man but he know he is not real child he upset and want avenger toward thor everything thor got award from his dad loki be jeolouse 😂 i like loki tom play character loki very ohsome 😍😘

  8. Loki is ALWAYS better <3

  9. So is this what Loki is doing before Infinity War?

  10. I mean, she's not wrong about the hammer. In a fight, Mjolnir could and would literally kill Loki. And while Loki is the more popular god, he's not even a hero. Case and point, he tried take over Earth, he attacked New York and he killed 80 people in two days. Does that look much like a hero? But that's just the facts.

  11. Loki is savage

  12. I love him. And of course I choose Loki

  13. Loki for the win!!!

  14. "You are rude!" deep inhale- exhale

  15. The way she emphasize the size of the HAMMER.

  16. Poor little Loki.. ;-;

  17. Loki is better, sorry not sorry

  18. L0K|!!!!♡♥

  19. His expression though! XD

  20. One of them said Loki! I think it was the one in the red!

  21. Loki. <3

  22. "Thor!! — cause he has a BIG hammer and-"

    hmm which hammer dear? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. ElectricMayhem87 (Ashleigh)

    0:17– Loki is a dick to children.

  24. I love Loki and Thor and spiderman and captain America and batman and robin and flash

  25. Thor and loki are so under powered to an extent you won't believe in movies they display I'd say 3% of their powers maybe less.

  26. loki is better!!! and cúter!!!

  27. Loki because he is a God of mischief , can control him , he is smart and his staff is what makes him a God.

  28. Loki has children… woops sorry kids! i ruined your high crushes on him!

  29. Nah… tbh I think Loki is more powerful than Thor.

  30. loki is the best

  31. The most mlg loaf bloke

    I would say loki

  32. 0:6 cuz he makes me horny and i think i just hit puberty

  33. man I choose you Loki cause me and my mom love with villans

  34. Loki the best

  35. So british

  36. Loki is nothing but trouble. What is the matter with you guys??

  37. Loki is Better :-):-):-)

  38. Can I get a push too Loki? Wait that came out wrong…

  39. Subscribe to my new channel

    I agree with the kid who said loki

  40. does this have a full original video??

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