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2016-04-05 08:31:13

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  1. Does the phone really have gorilla glass 3?

  2. Be sure to read gearbest review on my blog before you buy. Please go to limereviews. com/gearbest-review/ Thanks, Oren.

  3. There is no Gorilla glass on this phone ( admitted in the Vernee Forum) and the fingerprint scanner has failed on perhaps 50 percent of the phones. Whether a software issue, no one knows. I now use the face scanner option on the phone. The "Vernee Thor Violent Test" YouTube video uses trick photography. I therefore have doubts about the inner frame is made of titanium alloy. Apart from those issues, it is a very nice, light phone, with good audio, despite what one review suggests. It does take dual Sim cards and has a separate receptacle for the SD card. And it is truly 4G and works well in Australia.

  4. Александр Колпаков

    это очень плохой магазин.

  5. is there already a solution how to get ROOT access on this phone?

  6. I try to put in a sim card, but on the display it says "no simcard inserted" What have I done wrong?

  7. Hi, GearBest!
    When should I receive this order?
    Order No.:W1605101919157354
    Thank you!
    My regards

  8. me encanto lo malo es que no tengo dinero XD

  9. what a horrible reviewing video you need to take photos ,test the battery and see how fast is the fingerprint sensor…

  10. is it chinese brand..??

  11. What do the emojis look like

  12. Does it have a LED

  13. does it have dual sim and an sd card expansion or just a sim card slot and an slot for either a sd or sim?

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