VEGETA vs THOR! Cartoon Fight Club Episode 76

Thor vs Vegeta! AnimationRewind’s Cartoon Fight Club Episode 76! Special Thanks to the battle animator, SpriteStew: …
2016-07-26 06:42:40

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  1. Kid Buu would rape storm thor

  2. th sonic vrs sanic

  3. ssj blue? where

  4. Rematch. Rematch. REMATCH!

  5. Real gods are saiyans, dc tards are gods to humans only

  6. Hum, i mean db

  7. One thing I love about this channel is that he uses only ONE version of the fighters

  8. REMATCH. but only because i wanna see how it turns out

  9. the fights scenes were well done.

  10. you think vegita has to go blue to beat Thor… vegita in cell saga could beat Thor…

  11. Vegeta can beat Thor in his base form all right

  12. i like thor very much ihate vegete

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