Valiant Thor: The Alien who warned humanity

In 1957 in Virginia, an event took place that sounds like it is straight out of a Science fiction book. Narrated by Ronnie: …
2016-12-15 18:17:55

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  1. Study the PaperClip program, this will explain how the world operates now.

  2. Hope to make our earth heaven

  3. hmmm, where is he now???

  4. go from horses buggy's and telegraph in around a 100 years to cell phones PC smart TV cars that can park them self. humans done all that. yeah right we had help big time. all threw history. but for so reason everything gets set back. As they say history repeats its self.

  5. The Saiyan outcast Lavithean

    the real question we want to know is did he have a lightning hammer

  6. He wasn't sent by the high council like he claims, he was part of the engineering crew on the L18 class transport ship. He had another 9 years (21 earth years) left to serve of his 2nd mandatory participation service when he stayed behind (went awol) after his ship returned home from earth. He thought he'd have an easy go of it here rather than finish his service. But he didn't have such an easy life after all and ended up working as a long haul trucker. You can hear him on the cb around laredo texas as he runs a dedicated route, sometimes he's been spotted late at night just across the border in boys town.

  7. I don't trust aliens at all.  On youtube, 'Frank Stranges, Valiant Thor and Don't forget Jill' (I turned the sound off and read it) talks about how Valiant Thor tried to help humans AND THE POLITICIANS REFUSED!  Phil Schneider (worked in underground bases, spoke out, and was murdered) talked about him also.  Phil's father was a high ranking military officer.

  8. 3:16 Admiral Richard E Bird (Dickie Bird)

  9. Fuck jews and Saturn worship

  10. Did someone watch an SG-1 marathon before making this video?

  11. Isn't this the day the earth stood still movie script?

  12. This is basically the plot of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still which came out about …hhhmmmm….1957…..duh…..

  13. No one lives on Venus. If he said he was from another star system then maybe it could be true. So I call bulls**t on valiant thor.

  14. Bullshit. I am open minded, but it's the same bunch of people who lead us to where we are

  15. Kathy Campbell Wallace

    Well then they need to put a stop to the destruction that is happening if they are that smart and peaceful.

  16. You would have had to speak with Dr. Stranges and Allen Alda who met Thor to understand.

  17. the only problem with these super beings who r so peaceful is why wudnt they telekenect in to every child abuser on earth and make them stop.especially as so many of our leaders ,in UK, have been found to be peados. even the ultimate in UK,the pm Ted Heath mr e.e.c. ,lords of england, celebrities.

  18. There was a 1954 meeting and later treaty before 1957, called the Greada Treaty between our government (Eisenhower ) and the aliens. You mentioned the year 1957, an aftermath of the" Greada, " so I'am just trying to figure out the correct time line occurrences to all of these, or were there seperate aliens and treaties. I also heard of treaties during the FDR era as well, which makes this all a little complex, because of bits and pieces of information given, aggravated by secret government cover-ups. It's quite a dilemma.

  19. Nice!!!🖒

  20. Valiant Thor was invested in the jesus junkie story while meeting people at the airport after arriving here from the planet venus.
    Good luck with that.

  21. this is the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still start to finish

  22. so we arent alone after all

  23. its obvious aint it…

  24. No wonder the aliens don't come around. We are some fucking lunatics. Not me tho. lol

  25. I'm calling bullshit, especially on that RT clip. Dude's like, there was a famous case in Russia involving aliens, I don't remember the name of the place. Then he's like, a guy wrote a book about it but the French bought the rights to it. Oh my fucking god, seriously? This dude supposed has top secret knowledge but he doesn't know these few little details? Come the fuck on! Dude says it was a famous case. If it's so famous, why can't this liar remember the location, and the name of the book and who wrote it? Bullshit!

    And why is it that these events always seem to occur in the ass end of some country that most of us can't access and even if we did, we would get zero info about the incident from the country's gov't? That's cause he's lying! Dude just trying to cover his ass but seem legit at the same time. Bullshit! And the Frank E. Stranges who is also a chaplain keeps intermingling Christian bullshit into his Valiant Thor story. What the hell does a religion that stole damn near everything from nearby pagan religions have to do with aliens? Not a damn thing!

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