Ultimate Thor’s Hammer: Why it’s in Unworthy Thor & Ultimate Mjolnir’s Powers || Weekly One Shot

The Unworthy Thor #1 starts us on Thor Odinson’s road to redemption as he searches for a new source of power: Ultimate Thor’s Hammer! Subscribe here: …
2016-11-11 14:00:00

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  1. I can't wait to see this hammer

  2. Is Odin Unworthy?

  3. I see this discussion is 2 months old,but,I would like to add that when Jeph loeb was writing the ULTIMATE universe,HE did go and show that Ultimate Thor was given an entire weapons room by Ultimate Odin. In that room we see multiple HAMMERS along with axes and other things. Ultimate Thor had the ability to choose which MJOLNIR he wanted to use. I do believe that MARVEL said that these stories are ULTIMATE UNIVERSE CANNON. ULTIMATE THOR did give his son a MJOLNIR and hid him away. So,when the Maker(ultimate reed Richards) depowered THE GODS,Ultimate Thor had lost his access to ULTIMATE MJOLNIR. Looking forward to your response.

  4. This guy did very piss poor research. Ultimate Thor was "depowered" but had God powers return for a long while. His REAL hammer was made by Odin, forge in a star, and imbued with odin Force. As shown and stated in later Ultimate Issues.

    This guy is spewing bullshit.

  5. they can never reveal the whisper no matter what it is it will be lame

  6. i cant wait to see Thor get the ultimate hammer , teleport behind the collector and decapitate him whit a twin axe cross slash!

  7. thor will return more Brolic than ever watch

  8. I would rather see Thor gain the odinforce and create his own more powerful hammer. The real Thor marching around with a machine hammer don't seem to appealing but whatever I guess, I'm still liking this comic…….

  9. Everyone was waiting for this moment ever since Thor lost his power and the Battle World event occurred.

  10. What they did to "Ultimate Thor" after Mark Millar's initial run is just a damn shame.

  11. Spoiler! Nick fury didn't whisper to Thor. He whispered to the hammer itself which is sentient. Odin before he game the hammer to Thor actually had a enchantment keeping anyone from wielding it……

  12. I'm pretty sure the orb didn't murder The watcher and his battle ax is not new. He had it before he had they had his hammer

  13. I knew it I knew Ultimate Thor wasn't a true Asgardian and that's one of the reasons I don't like the Ultimates except Ultimate Spidey other than that the rest of them are watered down versions of the true Marvel universe .

  14. what could have possibly been said to make him unworthy? Why is it taking so long for them to tell us?

  15. just came across your video … great work…..and very thorough
    … yours and other videos channels of similar ilk keep my toes dipped in world of comicdom…. thanks and keep up the good work

  16. My theory is Thor will be imbued the power that ultimate Thor had when he realized he was actully the real God of thunder and that Thor will also get his memories but also here is the key to this theory although this hammer may have the same inscription that Jane foster is using in the ultimate universe the second hammer Thor recived from Odin did not have that inscription until doom added it I'm secret wars so i think that as long as your a Thor You will be able to pick it up

  17. wow wow in ultimate marvel he was a God and it was revealed he was telling the truth and he actully switched hammers the one we see that was tech based was given to someone else when everybody thought Thor went crazy but at the end when he was freed and he traveled back to asgaurd he was given a different hammer that made with uru and this is in ultimate vol 1 or 2 the last couple issues before their cold ended

  18. didn't we get the back storyed in anad

  19. If my last name was weed I would get stoned quite often

  20. what comic is that last part from cuz right now isn't u.t. #2 out?

  21. hu 1question the thor with hyperion when facing the beyonders wich thor is that is that the ultimate thor why he also got a metallic arm just like 616 thor ?

  22. So what was said by Nick Fury?

  23. Will unworthy Thor be a prequel to a new ultimate Thor series starring Thor odison of this marvel prime earth

  24. can't thor regenerate his arm?

  25. I'd check it out, but have pledge to myself never to purchase the crap marvels does at 6th speed since Disney's take over……then they moved on to star wars……….whats next? HBO?

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