Tongan Thor v Liam Messam

Taniela Tupou AKA Tongan Thor runs into Liam Messam 297 lbs versus 238 lbs Wallabies All Blacks Rugby Brisbane 10s.
2017-02-12 09:13:23

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  1. Don't see forwards getting bumped off too often. made Messam look silly.

  2. Messam got bounced 5 feet, tries to hit him with a cheeky shoulder shot. Silly.

  3. Liam messam just got butt hurt coz he got bumped off by a 20year old kid. The head butt from the tongan was a bit excessive tho

  4. Messam's a dirty cunt. No arms tackle, gets butthurt then throws a swinging arm.

  5. His teammate stopped him from going back even further.

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOooo Tongan Thor got carded! head-butt cause he got hit by a real rugby player lol

  7. that big run up for nothing. looks like the wallabies have another tongan wannabe tough guy

  8. great bump of tongan thor.

  9. Thor is gonna have a hard time. Liam was just standing still.

  10. knocked messam into disneyland!!

  11. fark he's a solid cunt alright!!!

  12. New fish in the ocean tryna step on the big boys table hha

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