Tom Hiddleston’s audition for Thor – The Graham Norton Show: Episode 2 – BBC One

Programme website: Tom Hiddleston chats about the audition that got him the part of Loki.
2015-10-02 18:03:31

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  1. Quite a legendary line up on the sofa

  2. He absolutely loves his "brother from another mother" which makes him even more adorable. Such a beautiful man.

  3. Robert looks half impressed with everything 😂

  4. you know, celebrity is and celebrity does

  5. I like when Graham Norton's guests are sitting closely to each other

  6. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) stole the show. He made Thor worth watching esp the second movie. I love his accent.

  7. it's so funny because loky also wants the "job" of Thor

  8. Ken's undiguised glee at Tom's awkwardness makes this so much funnier.

  9. It's my brother from another mother got me like;(;(;( to 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  11. WTF Gilderoy Lockhart directed Thor!!!!

  12. Eff me I love watching Tom Hiddleston blush.

  13. AWE he's so flustered its so cute

  14. Hiddleston went full Hugh Grant for a moment there…

  15. Analee Rodriguez Forrisi

    1:26 the most cutest "yup" that has ever yupped. So charming and sweet!!! 🙂

  16. De Nero…Mailing it in since 1995…

  17. he was the best as Loki

  18. I couldn't imagine Tom been Thor.

  19. Gingers are so hot!

  20. 0:58 I've never seen him at a loss for words. He's adorable when he's flustered and blushing…

  21. Someone should give Kenneth Branagh props for that Hemsworth voice, so I have.

  22. Love that man's smile and wink!

  23. Is it weird that they're concerned about male toplessness?

  24. the Huddlestoners? LMFAO

  25. It's a good job he got Loki really since everyone loves him more than Thor!

  26. Hi ladies I'm Australian….

    yes! we are as good in bed as we are on screen

  27. lockhart does a good australian accent, i'll give him that

  28. Graham's face at 0:48 hahahahahahaa

  29. I'm a proud Hiddlestoner. 😀

  30. If Tom is on a talk show panel with a woman, the woman is more attentive To Tom than when anyone else talks. Take a look at Ann Hathaway on this panel. Also, when he is with female co-stars in an interview, they can't keep their hands off him. The Crimson Peak and High Rise interviews come to mind. He has such sexual magnetism, most women can't resist him.

  31. Tom's portrayal of Loki is more talked about than the role of Thor. He is so multi-dimensional in that role. In Marvel comic panel interviews he gets the most questions on the panel. Of course, that may be partly due to his looks. I think we are lucky he didn't get the Thor role. He is magnificent in any role he plays.

  32. omg his smile

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