Thor’s Secret War (Thor God of Thunder Vol 3: The Accursed)

2017-06-05 21:43:35

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  1. Grandmas in hell, Baking pies with out a oven -G.C

  2. Please do a Thor vs Superman.

  3. Dark elves are pretty stupid…. got it

  4. That troll looks like a bugbear.

  5. Wait im confused so Thor's mom is either Gaia or Freya?

  6. So if Lex Luthor started flying around one day and explains that because he hung around and fought superman so much he picked up so powers everyone would be like "Oh, ok"? BS! (I know its just a comic book. But still, it's a bad written comic book in this regard)

  7. In Greek mythology everyone goes to hades, so it's not really a hard concept to understand when you say even good people go to hel

  8. "And nobody likes giants"

  9. such a thicccccc story. moar! moarrrrr! MOAR! MOAR!!!!!!!!!! RoB!

  10. I would be interested in u doing a vid on galactus vs dormammu. who would win?

  11. I really like your videos and so on and so forth.

  12. MORE THOR!!! 🔨🔨🔨⚡⚡⚡

  13. Rob did you say "Nipplehiem?"

  14. Since everyone is commenting on thorita, I would have preferred if Thor and Jane teamed up. I think it would have been cool to see her with the hammer and Thor getting a new one and those to going out side by side kicking ass.

  15. Hey, Malekith never bring a knife to a Thor fight!

  16. That dark elfs name was sourfoot… hehe. Sourfoot

  17. Awesome once again

  18. Does this mean you're going to cover Gillen's Journey Into Mystery? Because that's one of my all time favorite comics.

  19. hey Rob question in the book Thor Ragnarok where do the in the hierarchy portion where do the ones that sit above fall in the Marvel Galactic are they stronger than Gods can they go toe-to-toe with in the externals what about master order Lord Chaos where do they say if they can feed off of God energy.

  20. Scumtongue, seriously? SCUM-TONGUE?!?!

  21. Why didn't Thor that kill every single Dark Elf there at the end? He has the power, none of them in that room, even all together, can hold a candle to Thor's might. The guy was a criminal and hunted down to be killed. Making him king doesn't change that, and infact should put all Dark Elves loyal to him as criminals to be hunted down and killed as well.

  22. alternate 4:59:
    GOD!! The asgard shi'ar war is so coool! Is one of the best stories coming out of DC Rebirth.

  23. Malekith looks like two-face and has a personality like the joker…okay a little less psychotic

  24. thor is awesome.i am givin a new hashtag.#Robsquad

  25. Hercules vs thor ?

  26. love the vid Rob. Has anyone else noticed that Thor seems to have sex with someone in all these​ comics Rob has talked about recently?

  27. Generic Fan of Dragonball and DC

    What colour is the Rob Corps?

  28. Kweku Nhyira Twum-Barimah-Adu

    More thor

  29. one punch man vs Sentry

  30. so mahlikat is hitler fix your own country kill those oppose u than invade the other country's

  31. Dang, Thor God of Thunder is the best thing coming out of DC Rebirth right now! : ^)

  32. i looked at the title too fast and thought it said Thot's Secret War. i clicked nonetheless

  33. wish you connected the next video linearly in the screen, other than that I love your channel my man.

  34. who would win in a fight vs thing and Collosus

  35. why did the dark elves vote the villian to be the king? I'm confused

  36. CaptainMarvell92 Returns

    Mcu Malekith was a crappy Generic Doomsday Villain.

  37. malekith fighting giant spiders in a frozen setting… looks a lot like skyrim.

  38. unless you've already done so , some cool battles to hear about would be Brainiac vs Ultron or dr. strange vs. dr. fate, or Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow,Ant Man vs. the Atom AKA Ray Palmer. Kind of like how you did Hulk vs Doomsday.

  39. Too bad Malekith wasn't like this in Thor The Dark World. Well it was no where near as bad as Iron Man 3, it still had enough problems to make it not as enjoyable as the rest of the MCU. Which is a shame since they picked a good actor to play him as well

  40. Plot Twist!

  41. Rob will you ever cover non DC or Marvel comics? I would love to see a Spawn or Witchblade/Darkness video.

  42. Love These Thor videos!!! please cover mighty Thor issue twenty when it comes out..?

  43. I'm so happy u listen to your fans my friend, you are awesome.

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