Thor’s Hammer Is Cluttering Up The #ConanCon Stage – CONAN on TBS

Only the worthy may pick up and wield Mjölnir. Somehow it seems Will Arnett is worthy. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official …
2016-07-21 17:01:58

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  1. it would be funny if will arnet show up as a janitor and pick it up casually.

  2. Wow, that was painful. Didn't Will Arnett used to be funny?

  3. What's the song that plays when will arnet shows up.

  4. Clever, but anyone one could figure this out

  5. lego Batman is worthy

  6. Hes also that guy from that bad tmnt movie

  7. I thought Jordan was gonna come outta that door

  8. Um who's the dude that walked in to lift Thor's hammer? I expected Chris Hemsworth

  9. Green panther productions

    thats a huge hammer!

  10. Who else loved The LEGO Batman Movie as much as I did!!!!

  11. Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas

    no he's batman

  12. Wtfff he is bojackkkkkkk

  13. Thor's hammer… WITH CLUB SAUCE

  14. It would have been great if Jordan had come out and lifted the hammer.

  15. 1:06 when you think its Thor but its just Lego batman

  16. When conan and andy tried to lift it i thought the audience was gonna chant candy

  17. Him: Meh what the hell im bojack horseman for gods sake



  18. Tha is will arnet boiiiiii

  19. You're thor? Well it hurts.

  20. who is the guy that DID show up???

  21. best voice in animation next to H Jon Benjamin

  22. Oscariscool64 Super cool

    The legend 27 showed up on this video

  23. Am I the only one who doesn't find the I'm batman joke funny

  24. Conan is so funny

  25. There is a mat under Thor's Hammer

  26. When Will came out, I started laughing out loud.

  27. i wantb a show with only will arney and seth rogan in it

  28. this cringiest publicity ever

  29. Ehhhhhhh

  30. i was expecting jordan schlansky

  31. there is a thor hammer that you can't pick up only the user does

  32. I've just waisted three minutes of my time to see Lego batman instead of Chris Hemsworth

  33. Thor should have been Jordan Schlansky….

  34. Imposter pftt

  35. Batman and thor arent even in the same universe

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