Thor(2011) – Opening Scene

Thor(2011) – Opening Scene The opening to the movie Thor. I think Thor has the best score from all the MCU. The one thing DC reigns over Marvel is their movie …
2016-12-06 23:01:35

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  1. fuck ye Tonsberg

  2. Yes guys, i can confirm that Tønsberg is a real city in Norway, im from there and all we Tønsberg Folks hate those pesky Frost giants!

  3. Asgard is inside a planet. a hollow one. Earth is hollow too

  4. The Frost Giants weren't particularly gigantic. They seemed like an army of blue basketball players fighting regular people.

  5. This scene needs one more thing, Thor should say to Frost-gigant king "I will eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti wssssss"

  6. The Asgardians are just an advanced alien race. Stupid…

    Plus, Valhalla is so unoriginal. It shouldn't look like some advanced alien race's culture and even then, it's subpar compared to what we've seen in Star Wars.

  7. get ready kratos will fuck every single god here

  8. was waiting for this initial scene. THE BEST!

  9. Is the very last picture shown in this video showing Valhalla?

  10. Flat Asgard Like Flat Earth.!
    Yeah Good signal you fuckin HollyShitWood

  11. Flat Asgard Like Flat Earth.!
    Yeah Good signal you fuckin HollyShitWood

  12. White Walkers?

  13. 1:10 stupid, the frost giants literally just froze everything in their path, they could to the same to Odin's army

  14. music is shit

  15. All Hail the Aaesir and Vanir!

  16. It is good to be Viking's get!

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