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2012-08-08 08:52:06
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  1. 1:56 I swear to god is it just me or did Loki whisper no

  2. 0:45 Wtf is Thor doing Haha. His War cry?

  3. Earl Vaughan-Williams

    They better introduce Ymir in Thor ragnarok he's the most powerful frost giant and is on par with Odin and surtur

  4. These scenes are so fucking fantastic….what a freaking sound!!!

  5. High technology but also swing a sword fight like the middle age.
    I'm confused. Probably because of this,they exist only in fairy tales. 😀

  6. Is anyone else turned on by the way Loki says "Damn"?

  7. When I first saw this movie last night, I really didn't expect the fight to be so fast-paced. Not that it's bad or anything. I actually liked this movie.

  8. Thor was a true cocky bastard in the beginning phase. xD But truly powerful, imagine if he wasn't nerfed for the film world. xD

  9. "Damn" Loki knows when shit about to go down 0:05 LOL

  10. I still love this scene – the moment that started the next few movies was the fact that Loki realized something was off

  11. Imagine if they said that to vegeta

  12. I love the scene where Lokis arm turns blue and he sort of realises he isn't what he believes he is.

  13. Loki' face after he looks at his hand kills me every single time

  14. ha he said "next" like a complete badass

  15. As soon as the homie was disrespected squad was ready to rumble lol

  16. Loki is amazing in this clip!!! Did anyone else see his eyes flash a orangish red? HE IS SO HOT!!! That dahm at the beginning as well!! XD

  17. If only The Dark World had this tone instead of being a comedy of itself and destroying Thor in movies, the movie would have turned out better.
    For me, the first Thor is underrated. Had a great direction, writting and acting and character development, then everything went downhill since the second half of the Avengers and The Dark World and so and on.

  18. Thor should have done the same think to Ultron . but they nerfed him

  19. This is what could create Marvel, but everything changed when Disney attacked

  20. Anyone else notice how Loki wasn't actively going for kill shots?

  21. "Run back home, little princess." X-D

  22. Thor went against his father, the king of asgard, to prove his arrogance and stupidity.

  23. dragonformers Optimus Prime

    what is Loki fireing at the frostgiants

  24. What happened with all those power of thor in the other movies your power had decrease a lot. We need thor with those powers again

  25. if only thor was this savage in the avengers

  26. Those giant frost beasts, would've loved to see one of them pit up against the Hulk…. !!!!

  27. in this scene Thor was dark character. He was a lot stronger than he is in other movies

  28. Come to think of it this is actually one of Thors best showcasing of his true powers. He did some damage with that lighting bolt

  29. I still think this is the best we've ever seen Thor in all the movies

  30. that superhero landing though

  31. This movie should of stayed at this pace and Thor should of remained at this power level. It all became so boring when he was sent to earth.

  32. and people call Loki a mass murderer, sure the frost giants weren't humans but they didn't deserve to die, they were just under the rule of an evil king. And Thor just killed hundreds of them because one called him a princess. I don't hate Thor or anything but this gets me upset sometimes lol

  33. I demand Beta Ray Bill in the next sequels

  34. This is The Thor i want in His 3rd movie complete control of his power forget the "worthy bullshit" Thor is Thor and no one else.

  35. Loki's "Damn" is so great. So close to leaving and then someone fucks up.

  36. lady sith and worries 3 should get own movie. they got stand alone loki movie. thor 4 going have girl thor. so could cool with that worriers 3

  37. if pause it right after he says atlas make challenge for me . it looks like loki dad has there cut marks on check. it kinda looks like ran into wolverine at some point. don't know how . If look all through marvel universe see same three cut lines show up all over place. t-rex in savage land. nick fury eye. random walls of hydra base. movies see show up walls in back ground. like leave a trail were been.

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