Thor vs The Destroyer | Thor (2011) | 4K ULTRA HD

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2016-08-27 17:12:46
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  1. Jairo Alejandro Rodriguez González

    By the power of Greyskull

  2. RadiantSilverlighter

    So many Dutch Angles.

  3. Destroyer s Thanos for the space stone

  4. the first beginning of this clip like a boss

  5. That is some shitty CGI

  6. total shit

  7. Good God they ruined the Destroyer Armor so badly.

  8. Everyone that "hates" this music literally has zero tastes in movies. The soundtrack, the main character, the story line, every moment was amazing but I think the people with short attention span doesn't understand this movie. So sad but the truth!

  9. So the tornado can lift a massive metal machine off the ground but the normal humans just chill on the ground?


  11. Lol we have the same photo

  12. Nutellás Kecskeláma

    I didn't remember that this movie is that bad

  13. Хуйня полная

  14. Where the fuck was this attack in the films that followed? I honestly don't mind the weird CGI here, but at least make Thor more than a guy zipping around, blasting lightning at people and chucking his hammer from time to time. We see enough of a guy shooting laser beams and another doing the same exact thing with his weapon, that is, throwing and catching it.

  15. What…when thor got slapped at the start, the way he flew was sooo fake…

  16. You can only imagine what Jane and her colleagues were thinking when Thor got his powers back. It's not everyday you meet a Norse God

  17. So you are telling me that a fucking God has a hardtime killing a huge toster? k den….

  18. Please bring nathalie portman to DC and give her some big part of it…. What shes doin here, Shes great actrees … They make her like a shit on marvel…!!!

  19. надо просто отключить аннотации)))

  20. 2:19 this shot and the way shes says it are so awkward and stupid

  21. anyone think the Destroyer looks like the Sentinels from Days of Future Past

  22. why is everyone hating?

  23. How the fuck Thor couldn't beat Ultron 1v1 again?

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