THOR VS REVOLUTION : Thor Björnsson, the world’s strongest man

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2016-12-09 13:03:32

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  1. Is he really lifting him with one hand?

  2. I want to be like thor for just only one day to beat the cops…😎😎😎

  3. Should have bashed his head

  4. He is not the Worlds strongest man, sorry to say but its just a fact.

  5. Qu'est ce qu'il fout là le gars de Cocovoit ?

  6. Bring down a mountain?

  7. its just an xbox controler with a tutchpad

  8. This controller sucks!

    C A B L E

  10. looks really familiar….oh wait.. A FUCKING XBOX CONTROLLER

  11. you killed her, your murdered her !

  12. I find it scary how they didn't need to use CGI or any tricks for the chair holding part, he is just that strong.

  13. lol so they made xbox controller for playstation? fuck you sony this is why i bought a computer

  14. x'D jajaja the best

  15. this wire seems very shitty designed
    and if you want to be quicker…use pc you console pesants

  16. Brian Shaw is worlds strongest man.

  17. title said worlds strongest man, where is Brian Shaw?

  18. He could've folded this guy up like a napkin

  19. So it's a literal cheat controller?
    And people say using mouse and keyboard would be "cheating".

  20. or you just use a normal controller and get better

  21. Revolution controler, needs to be always wired up to console, thats revolution in 2017 right there.

  22. Sir Gregor pls get back to work

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