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2012-08-23 17:45:06

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  1. Cloudsley Falconbridge

    How was this fair

  2. thor vs storm

  3. Silver vs Trunks plz!!!!!!!!!


  5. If Radian was a god, couldn't he just use his abilities to disintegrate Thor?

  6. Raiden is Better

  7. best kill ever

  8. do kitana vs. someone

  9. Bruh… Thor just said "Away with you!!" Then just threw that man half way across the universe… Damn son.

  10. Raider is better

  11. you should make deadpool vs ryu
    like if you agree

  12. sonic v shadow #team shadow

  13. Hmmm….. Thanos vs Chuck Norris? xD

  14. Actually it was made in a dying star not from a dying star

  15. Thor's hammer was forged in a dying star not from a dying star

  16. why not have Thor vs Superman or Shazam?

  17. "Eventually reincarnated after death"? Just saying.

  18. Wait…can Red Hulk fly?

    Your move…creep.

  19. "Ray-den"? Seriously? That is NOT how it's pronounced, people! It is clearly "Rye-den"!
    Learn your Japanese vowel pronunciations already!

    …You're saying Mortal Kombat arrived in the USA before any real knowledge of the Japanese language did? That point's invalid – because even when Japanese did enter, they still insisted on pronouncing "Raiden" incorrectly! Even when they changed the spelling, they never fixed the pronunciation.

    As a result, "Rayden" loses to Raiden (Sons of Liberty, Rising: Revengeance) any day of the week, solely because Raiden actually pronounces his codename properly.

    …Also, SNES MK is better than any other version, solely because they took out the gore. Gore is disgusting, and gore is off-putting, and thus SNES Mortal Combat is superior.

  20. Mjolnir was forged FROM a dying star?
    Er, yeah, no – too much mass in too little space brings extreme gravitational attraction. No-one could survive near the thing.

    It was forged IN a dying star, not FROM. Common misconception.

  21. I wish I could do those combos in MK

  22. raiden would die instantly

  23. DEATH BATTLE: Dr Strange VS Dr Fate

  24. Thor's hammer wasn't forged from a dying star, it was forged inside of it. Big difference. It only weighs about 40 pounds

  25. raiden vs Quan chi from mortal combat

  26. Horrible match up but sweet animation one of my favorites

  27. Mortal kombat Jax vs Doomsday because they are both metal

  28. Mortal Kombat Jax vs Doomsday because they are both metal

  29. Mortal Kombat Jax vs Doomsday

  30. why did you make Thor the marvel comic version??? the real myth was much different

  31. I do ju jujitsu

  32. who watching this in 2017

  33. What about when vision wielded Thor's hammer in Avengers AOU?

  34. I'm not surprised by this outcome.

  35. Shazam ( dc) vs Prime ( marvel).

  36. now way in hell raiden lost that

  37. Thor should have stomped. He is a planet buser and can tank supernovas

  38. Amazing! I especially enjoyed Raiden's characterization/sound effects during the fight (even though he lost). Please use him again in future battles!

  39. Raiden vs. cole would have been better.

  40. Pokézillakratos Slayerbro

    The biggest overkill in deathbattle history

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