Thor vs Marvel’s Superman/The Sentry (Marvel Comics: Siege On Asgard Event)

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2016-11-13 03:39:59

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  1. Music it too fucking Loud

  2. They keep thor but not sentry…..weak

  3. wouldn't that make Thor and Aries cousins??? the sentry has become one of my favorite characters

  4. Sentry is so op lol. He was probably the only character in marvel that can stand up against Superman.

  5. love the Halo 4 music.

  6. can you do a video on the madness venom story arch?

  7. Yeah, i gotta go with the other guy. I had a hard time making out some of what you said because of the music.

  8. leaving earth music 🙂

  9. So ares is forever dead now

  10. Just noticed the halo music in the background

  11. why is halo music playing at the beginning?

  12. can't watch this, the music is overwhelming. thanks.

  13. Usually your videos are top quality, usually.
    Background music far too loud.
    Thumbs Down.

  14. Why dafuq do u always write marvels superman on sentry!?! He's not marvels superman their so different!! I can see the similarities but he's definitely not marvels superman, marvels superman is Hyperion

  15. what is the song that is playing in the back.ground around 9:49?

  16. Kryptonian Excellence

    Interesting storyline. Sentry is a savage!

  17. Love your videos man but turn down the background music!

  18. Soldier Field is in Chicago, Home of the Bears bro.

  19. can you talk about x-force?

  20. CapMar-Vell92 Returns

    Bendis is overrated.

  21. why does the iron man suit have nipples?

  22. gods really suck in the marvel universe. None of them are actually immortal.

  23. Wow Marvel just do a hard reboot of your universe already. The histories of theses characters is out of control….and 90% of them were skrulls at this time or the other? And they were dead? Haha but not really? Come on! How is anyone supposed to get into reading marvel titles at this point? Oh you liked the Spiderman cartoons as a kid well HERE ARE ALL THE AVENGERS BEING SPIDERMAN OH AND EVERYONE ELSE IS A SPIDERMAN TOO!1! Calm that suff down marvel and give me good super hero stories again.

  24. love ur vids but u should make a part 1 2 and 3 if need be bc all ur vids are 20mins or longer and i wanna be able 2 save my place..

  25. playing the halo soundtrack in the backround … ^^

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