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2016-09-12 17:29:25

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  1. I thought it was stupid that the hammer does not destroy buildings to get to Thor. Instead it follows the street to avoid unnecessary destruction. Then when I played 2:10 in slow mo at about 2:12 I can briefly see two fags holding hands. Subliminal bs to accept LBGT as normal. Fuck you Marvel

  2. Malekith bowed to Grimgor.

  3. listen to the scream @ 2:02

  4. Always hated how they cut away from the fight to show the supporting cast. Who the hell cares?

  5. (2:30)
    Yep, Thor is in England! Took a vacation there and heard MIND THE GAP for a whole half an hour!
    Yep. Won't forget it either!

  6. malekith and thor a figth of gods!

  7. Thor: Malekith, I've come to accept your surrender.
    Doctor Strange: Dormammu, I've come to bargain.

  8. that hammer probably has thousands of mileage in it

  9. lets just keep the camera as far as possible and add in some punching sound effects. that`ll work just as well. just one of hundreds of problems with this movie.  at best, its not bad.  and it hurts me because I love thor. I swear to fucking odin if we get the same director in ragnarok, I am going to lose hope for it completely.

  10. so hela is thor three is stronger than malekith with the reality stone? what happened to power scaling the infinity stones are supposed to be almost unmatched in their power yet hela completely shits on that.

  11. Wish he'd throw on a helmet, flip the wings up, and start hitting as HARD AS HE"S SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO.

    Also there are 5 people who might NEVER find their cars. Sad.

  12. Malekith wasn't like this in the comics at all , have the writer of the movie actually read a Thor comic? Also Thor's hits should be like the Man Of Steel's hits.

  13. I love how thors hammer went like a rocket when it went into space

  14. Considering the Aether is the Reality Stone, you'd think that Malekith would be able to do more with it than just knock people around. And the Aether belongs to the Dark Elves so you'd think they'd know how to use it as well as Thanos. Malekith should have been able to turn Thor's hammer into pudding.

  15. I like how Hela has only been shown in set photos and a trailer, yet she's already made a bigger impact than this gray plank of wood being played by the 9th doctor.

  16. They destroyed the Old Royal Naval College lol

  17. "Two people have just fallen past that window. Downwards." "Fine."

  18. 2013 was not a good year for Marvel

  19. at 0:45 force of the hammer damnnnn..that thing is powerful

  20. you cut out the part when thor gets punched to oblivion

  21. Hammer be like "Thor, where the hell are you!?"

  22. I really wish this was a better movie.

  23. I can see how this film is often disregarded by most fans. On the bright side though, I'd say this movie is rather mellow. For me anyway, it'd probably the type of movie I'd watch whenever there's nothing good on tv, or if I ever feel stressed out or depressed with personal issues, or if I just can't go to sleep.

  24. Weakest display of this so called "reality stone"

  25. This fight is so awesome! So large scale! It is a fight that travels across the nine realms!

  26. Malekith could've hit WAYYYY harder. man this fight is chill. Kurse beat Thor's ass harder with no Infinity Gems. Then again Malekith only cared about the Reality gem.

  27. This was all caused by the power of ONE Infinity gem……and Thanos is going to have SIX.

  28. Dude, where is my car?

  29. fucking kaneki kun

  30. beynim sulandı amınayduklarım

  31. One of Marvels worst villains

  32. One of Marvels worst villains

  33. they always gotta take his hammer away in fights, i wanna see him fight someone with his hammer and all his other abilities

  34. Please take off the Pop up link in the top corners. They destroy the video. You cant even click the little x to get rid of it.

  35. I haven't gotten to review this movie yet but I am going about the entire MCU on my channel every Sunday! My review of Thor (Startng with Captain America onwards to this movie and beyond!)

  36. Have you come to witness the end of your universe? No, I've come to witness your bullshit CGI tornado

  37. Damn, this movie sucks ass, it might compare to that shitty dr.strange movie

  38. And the rest of avengers?

  39. If only he had thrown the hammer against ironman like in 0:44

  40. Loki saying see you in hell, mjolnir going up to space

  41. 2:04 "WAH!!!" LOL

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