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Thor Vs Loki! Can we get 2000 likes for the epic battle?! Don’t forget to subscribe for more battles and epic Minecraft content! Facebook!
2014-02-08 03:06:20

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  1. It'd be cool if he did hulk vs loki. I'm not sure if he has the mod anymore though

  2. normal fight loki is much strongest but i love the video 🙂 ♥♥

  3. loki does not attack me even when im in surival he just stands there i shoot a arrow at him he will follow but he doesn't attack me its ether a bug or he has me under some spel


  5. I think it's not fair that they made Loki so slow, he is a lot faster!

  6. bomy vs zombie

  7. instead of him being your enemy

  8. it would be cool if you can tame loki

  9. 2016 just watched… How DARE you kill and manipulate me like this brother!

  10. You should dress up as Batman and have someone else dress up as Superman and fight because of the Batman vs Superman movie coming out

  11. im sorry but what mod is this??? i mean the loki????

  12. hay pat big fan,but you should do dragon ball z

  13. ant man vs the joker

  14. thro loki

  15. hey guys watch story mode episode 4 the last one it made me cry if it makes you cry like this comet

  16. yay Thor

  17. loki is so weak!

  18. fight loki for the calling games

  19. PopularMMOS can you do Hulk VS Mutant Enderman

  20. Darkrai Gonna Make You Cry

    Loki vs. mutant zomdie

  21. Hulk vs mobzilla

  22. wtf omg its so good

  23. If its so bad than run and put on your armor!!

  24. pat your so awesome and if anybody uses your not awesome their fucked up bichs

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