Thor vs. Loki Final Battle – Thor-(2011) Movie Clip Blu-ray HD

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2016-09-19 21:42:02

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  1. انا احب هذا الفلم ابطال القوة

  2. What if Thor was hanging on Loki and Loki on Odin?

  3. Thor : Loki no!….noooooooooooooo

  4. please Look the Speer of Odin , it Look like the Speer who kill " Jesus" some movie has a Speer like this . Watch it !!!!

  5. In this movie I kinda felt pity for Loki, future movies? Not so much, though when he's in them, it's awesome

  6. 씨발ㄹ 로키 ㅜㅜ푸ㅜㅜ푸ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅍ

  7. man i feel bad for Loki he just wants acceptance from Odin

  8. May i ask why are they hanging on the the rainbow bridge when they can fly

  9. why does thors EYES so black?

  10. King of the universe. Ain't no time to pamper spoiled children, tell you how it is real quick, like No Loki! Your fuckup, just own it boy! Lmao

  11. So where did Loki fall into or go?

  12. NATESEALS 193 main channel

    Why does Loki always uses spears for his weapon of choice

  13. Bjørn Christian Bjerke

    placing un-lifteble hammer one brother dick move thor, real dick move….

  14. "No." grinds teeth

  15. I thought Thor and Odin can fly?

  16. Asgard is Flat like our PlanetEarth . Well done Nasa sucks, we got it

  17. I miss the old MCU movies, they were much more clever, had more gravity and were more personal. While the bifrost would destroy stuff, its more about Loki vs Thor.

  18. I have it when you can't understand a thing in a clip like this. Way too many cut scenes during the fights.

  19. Loki is so underrated in the MCU, he is very smart and controls magic as good or even better than Dr. Strange. Plus, he is a god so he is inmortal. He is above any of the Avengers, even the Hulk.

  20. 25 seconds into it look

  21. 0.25 seconds just look

  22. Anthony fucking Hopkins was beyond fucking amazing in this role. Awesome actor.

  23. That's this movie called

  24. So Thor can pretty much put his hammer on top of Hulk and he won't be able to move.

  25. I love re-watching bits of movies i liked. Thanks for doing this.

  26. In India Loki is vegetable's name

  27. All saying Odin is a dick here, I think people are forgetting what Loki has done to entire race of Giant Frost. Loki was to annihilate entire Giant Frost race just because he wanted to erase his biological trace from the universe so that he can be an Asgardian rather than Giant Frost. Was that right thing too do? Even at the cliff, Loki shows no remorse of what he did just because he wants to be loved. He sure knows how his father thinks about treating breaking a peace when Odin punished Thor for killing several Giant Frost. He intentionally went against Odin's rule under pretense of "I wanted to be Odin's favorite son."

  28. 3:38 Loki savage af
    3:423:48 flies away like a boss

  29. 0:50 Nope!
    *Kicks his fingers and watch him fall into space.

  30. hes not your dad bitchvur adopted

  31. thor is such a fool

  32. So what would happen if, for instance, Thor were to hand the Hammer to someone else, both of them had their hands on it, and then Thor were to let go? Would it fall to the ground and take their hand with it?Or would it just hover in place until they let go of it and then drop to the floor?

  33. Lol, he just puts the hammer on him….the saddest thing was Loki falling into nowhere


  35. 1:01 whe your little brother trys to fight you lol XP

  36. Hm, that hammer thing will never make sense to me. Loki can't lift it up, but isn't the hammer lying on his chest him lifting it up? His chest is holding up the hammer. Sure, he can't actually wield it like that but he is holding it up. The hammer should either dig a hole in his chest because Loki isn't worthy or Loki can just flip on his side and let it drop off since apparently he has no problem holding it up on his chest.
    Really, I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner with that rule decades ago and they never found a decent way around it since, but they can't ditch it because it's such a pivotal part of Thor's character so they kinda have to roll with it and hope people will overlook it.

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