Thor vs Hulk

The true definition of the word “P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C”. They say a single frame picture speaks in the “thousand” words. Well, in that case, animation movies contains …
2011-06-27 01:49:36

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  1. tbh,they made hulk too OP,yeah,he was angry,but it didn't look THAT angry to freaking destroy Thor,yeah,he can beat him,but he exterminated Thor here.. is still a good animation after all

  2. demi god vs pure rage

  3. thor can't be killed his father will grant him life again and again and again. he a son of god 😂😂😂. so yes hulk is doomed

  4. wtf did hulk kill thor.

  5. CaptainMarvell92 Returns

    Thor needs his animated series.

  6. This shows that Hulk can literally kill a god

  7. Who wins will always depend on the makers/writers.

  8. LeamTRAP the humantronic

    How's the god of thunder doing a sucky job at dealing blows at hulk, like he's scared to fight him.

  9. hulk shmash

  10. Machoke vs Pikachu

  11. I hope we see this in Thor 3

  12. no Thor wins most fights against Hulk.

  13. Freakin' hate Thor. Marvel turned him from the bearded Viking warrior of Norse mythology into a pretty boy who can't shut up.

  14. Mustafa Yusuf Karataş

    Hulk win

  15. 0:28 proof hulk lifted hammer easily….

    Thor was holding said hammer and Hulk lifted Thor while he was holding the hammer… so Hulk lifts Thor's hammer easy! Lawyerd!

  16. Thor just got destroyed!

  17. sacma thor tanri hulk mal

  18. 3:09 When your little brother thinks hes Tuff enough to step up to you

  19. hulk is strong

  20. هولك شكله شرير

  21. he comes back and him and the hulk kick Loki's ass

  22. this is a movie and Thor isn't dead

  23. you took out all of the times were Thor was kicking his ass

  24. This doesnt make any sense?? Thor is strongest than hulk

  25. Thor could beat hulk in a good day

  26. 2:10 aHhHhhhhhhhhh lmao

  27. " you will have it's thunder"
    … that was lightning

  28. it seems like in every situation or problem white people bring thor to solve the problem.. whether if it was a celestial.. Galactus.. or something far like the beyonder.. they love him so much and overrate him because he's white and blonde..

  29. wtf thor is stronger than hulk

  30. this is 2000 version not 90sever thing bout 2000 is gay

  31. this is the second fight more like a what if stan lee of don't make this

  32. not at all a chance…. actually Thor can beat the hulkk…
    Thor is a thunder God…Mann…

  33. Hulk would probably win in a fight but he wouldn't DESTROY him like that. It would be very claps

  34. Thor is a God he is supposed to beat hulk . hulk vs Odin Odin wins easy

  35. beat tf out him fav


  37. if any of you watched this you'd know Thor doesn't Wanna hurt hulk in this and he wins

  38. Hulk Smash Little BLond Bitch xDDD

  39. if hulk can lift thor with his hammer, why he can't lift only thor's hammer 😂

  40. En realidad ganaria Thor… Porque Thor es un dios y hulk un simple mortal.

  41. I know Hulk is stronger, but wtf is this, Thor would be hitting at least

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