Thor: The Dark World’s After Credits Easter Egg Explained – Comic History 101

We explore the mystery behind Thor 2’s after the credits scene. How does the film’s ending set up the future of Marvel? Who is Guardians of the Galaxy’s The …
2013-11-09 02:00:01

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  1. What happened to these? I liked these.

  2. hi am from the future like 4 years from this video.

  3. spidey is back

  4. Drugs

  5. X man fantastic four and then Avengers all time favorite hero potential is really awesome way

  6. I want more female heroes

  7. centralscrutinizer66

    Wow! Watched the end of the Thor Dark World and was surprised to see the collector and his assistant. Now that we know they inhabit the same universe, I hope the guardians and the Avengers never inhabit the same movie, that wouldn't be good.

  8. Sebachan69 The Over Lord

    What's the name of the animated TV show/movie featured in this video? And where can I watch… Etcetera…

  9. I dont get how thanos puts on a empty gaunlet at the end of avengers 2… is he at asgard or something since the Gaunlet was seen at Odins trophy case or whatever plz guyz any theory would help

  10. The infinty gauntlet was spotted in thor 2

  11. Holy shit! I didn't know that the marvel universe is that complex. I only know the movies though

  12. Dude you called it with guardians of the Galaxy, fair play


  14. Wow, the collector? You mean… Brainiac? marvel strikes again people.

  15. ok I always wondered when the slave girl touched the infinity stone and it destroyed the collectors lair where was the other stone (the one that the asguardians gave to the collector at the end of thor dark world) wouldn't that have reacted to the explosion of the nearby infinity stone?

  16. Smiles Through Fandoms

    I'd just like to point out that the third and forth Avengers movies are, respectively, called Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2. They are scheduled for release in 2018 and 2019, but after this… Should be obvious what they're going to do. 😀

  17. marvel needs more characters in the avengers, the current team right now isn't big enough at the moment for them to be able to fight thanos

  18. I have a resinous question. The collector is storing the aether, right? What happened to it when his base was blown up on Guardians of the Galaxy?…

  19. Not to be confused with THE COLLECTOR from the horror movie……That's a gimp costumed man who keeps people in a box.

  20. So much awesomeness!

  21. No se ingles 😭😭😭

  22. They should include the xmen crew they have a lot of people in that crew

  23. Good thing I've seen this after Guardians of the Galaxy

  24. they are going to connect all the marvel stories together. an now to wait for replies

  25. wow 12 monkeys on sight cool 

  26. Hey
    Wats t animated series called
    I would reLy like to watch it

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