Thor: The Dark World Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman Movie HD

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2013-04-23 07:01:54

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  1. the only real good thing about this movie was the look, designs, effects, textures, costumes and fight choreography. And they should've every thing as shiny & clean as it was in the 1st Thor movie.

  2. ragnorock wil be thor's greatest test.

  3. People claim one of the issues of this film is it's blatant lack of humour. I, however, consider the film's humour to be its saving grace.

  4. If only the actual movie and later trailers were as good as this trailer. This trailer had me hyped.

  5. bringingback themohawk

    when do we start? November 2013 that's when brother!

  6. Loki > Thor and everyone else in the movie

  7. Loki = He made the trailer and the movie

  8. Audiomachine-Helios for everyone who wants the soundtrack

  9. I'm fan of Dakota Johnson

    Does anyone know how Thor movie has a total of sequels?Hello to all who love Chris.

  10. I saw the always new…

  11. I like this movie so much

  12. Loki Skrillex Style!

  13. Freeman Da Gospel Rapper

    copy & paste into youtube search plz, thanks
    ** call freeman da gospel rapper **
    trying to share my music with the world

  14. chris hemsworth, natalie portman movie, …


  15. Adoro tudo que seja do T CH TH

  16. Natalie Portman is not worthy of leading lady.  God damn Hollywood jews putting her in that role.  Thor nor Hemsworth would be attracted that  yenta.

  17. AWESEOM MOVIE!!! (^_^)/ I LOVED IT SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  18. Watch at iwantmovies.inf0

  19. GRACE KELLY Bella Flor

    Esta chevere la peli…. super los efectoos

  20. Thor The Dark World is better than the first one….. movie review on my page.

  21. Thor is so hot. As a gay man I would even allow him to use his hammer in my you know what area … Serious I can't help it, he is so hot.

  22. So nice

  23. Im So Bazinga Excited For This Movie Tomorrow At 3 THOR 3D Marathon Cant Wait

  24. this movie was the worst

  25. I watch it just now it was fucking awesome

  26. So Bazinga Excited For This Movie 3 Days 3 Days

  27. Killa Silverback Gorilla

    saw this movie today….save your loot

  28. What is this fuckery? Why is Loki only seen in this commercial for like 5 seconds? This isn't five seconds of summer dear

  29. I'm going see this movie,I love Thor ❤️♥️❤️

  30. brilliant movie

  31. Epic

  32. Thor and loki on the same team.???? Fuckin awesome!!

  33. Actually, compound bows do bend, and at least they're not as bad as Disney, check out their version of Hercules

  34. @
    grandaenickolex…how can i watch a movie from this website?­­m…it always paused and made me to do something but even if im done doing those stuffs,still i cant resumed watching….pls tell me how..thanks alot

  35. I'm not a big Marvel guy, but I LOVE Thor.

  36. Actually Loki looks like Brent Spiner. No, Marvel didn't try to hold to closely to the actual Norse stories or characters; Fandral was directly modeled after Errol Flynn, Volstagg is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Falstaff, and Sif was actually Thor's wife. And you wouldn't find many Black or Oriental guys in Asgard. But that's okay, Marvel still cranks out some fantastic movies.

  37. So there's a romantic affair and fighting. Is there a story to promote here? I enjoyed the first movie but fear I might leave disappointed this time around.

  38. Only 3 more weeks!Can't wait!

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