THOR: THE DARK WORLD Deleted Scene – Loki’s Coronation (2013) Tom Hiddleston Marvel Movie HD

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2015-12-04 04:00:24

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  1. Is it weird that this made me tear up a bit? Loki just wants to be loved SOMEONE LOVE HIM PLEASE!!

  2. Guys, stop pitiying him. That universe owes a lot of crap happening to him.

  3. Loki😍😍

  4. They should have kept this scene.

  5. You know, if there's ever a scene where they go through different Avengers'/anti-heroes' memories, and they go by Loki, I would love for Thor to witness this event and the following discussion with Loki it prompted 😀

  6. This is depressing…

  7. I wanna cry every time I watch this video. I pity him soo much

  8. Dude that was hilarious!!!

  9. That's…really sad and I really wish they kept that in the movie.

  10. the gaming scorpion get over here

    lol hewas dreaming

  11. Long live the King!

  12. I think Thor 2 would be a much better movie if they didn't deleted a lot of scenes. This scenes should be there to make the characters and places deeper.

  13. Is the CGI supposed to be that bad?

  14. WHAT is that :O :O :O

  15. Si es un dios del engaño ……. porque no lo enfatizan mas, …… como un sociopata funcinal con el IQ elebado, ya que asi son estas personas y molestan a los demas porque la vida comun les aburre

  16. Oh I see why they didn't keep it in. The graphics are awful

  17. If I were saved by Thor, I would be like, "Hey, Thanks for saving me and all, but could you possibly do me a favor and hook me up with your brother Loki?" LOL 😛 Sorry, I just don't understand the allure that women have over Thor,… Loki would be a lot more fun to hang out with. He would definitely entertain and make you laugh more. On top of that, he has that whole tall, dark, handsome thing going for him.

  18. Can we all just talk about how depressing this scene is? When Loki dreams, he fancies himself being the rightful heir to Asgard. He dreams that he is the worthy weilder of Mjolnir, the warriors three are his faithful friends and the people of Asgard rejoice in his coronation as their King. He's practically fantasizing about of being Thor. Frankly, the only thing missing from this scene is Odin being the proud and doting father.
    When Frigga's voice wakes him at 1:28, he says that it's precisely his wish to forget what's real. Forget that he is a frost giant, that has always came second to Thor, forget that his father never really loved or trusted him and the look on his face is the picture of heartbreak
    Oh Loki T_T

  19. EL JOKER asesino de lo aburrido


  20. Where did you find this scene?

  21. that can be real because he shows like better king as thor at first and then he have mistakes when help the frozen giant to enter in asgard so didn't need to be a dream that can explain why loki is so angry whit all his family

  22. Tom says he knows why it did not work…i really dont get…

  23. Loki is worthy of wielding Mjolnir …..

    …. in his dreams.

  24. Once Upon a Fairytale

    How could they delete this?!!

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