Thor: The Dark World Complete B-Roll (2013) – Chris Hemsworth Marvel Movie HD

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2013-10-18 00:18:08

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  1. Maria Ines Romualdo Redondo

    here for Loki 💚

  2. the only real good thing about this movie was the look, designs, textures, costumes and fight choreography. And they should've every thing as shiny & clean as it was in the 1st Thor movie.

  3. 10:40 I LOVE THIS SCENE <3

  4. this is so cool. I can say nothing else than that. I'm just speechless. THAT. WAS. COMPLETELY. AND UTTERLY. AMAZING. I cannot WAIT for Thor Ragnorok, aka Thor 3. (I can't remember how to spell it. XD)

  5. 11:56 Pure passion 0 >3<

  6. ♥ Thor

  7. Ok, HIddleston fans.
    Jump to 10.40, watch some and then 12.53.
    Major scenes. That's all.

  8. I admit I only came here for Loki. I fast forwarded to his scenes.

  9. 13:55 to 14:05 just staring into your soul

  10. I think people love Chris too! He plays Thor wonderfullly! He's good and strong! He's developed as a character along his journey as Thor! One thing I see the Thor movies is for the brotherly relationship between Thor and Loki! That has to do with their dynamic and complex relationship! That has to do with the writing and Chris and Tom as actor's! Truth is Thor just wants his brother back and Loki makesThor have to step up to being a better hero! Even with Loki's flaws, deep down Thor still see his brother, blood or not! Thor wants to believe Loki can be redeemed and that his relatable to alot of people! Let's face it Marvel's best villian is Loki and villian's are more interesting and fascinating to watch! If a villian is done right then you get a great remember character, played by the best actor for the part and Tom Hiddleston has delivered Loki again and again! I love Chris to but Loki played by Tom makes us love him, even when he does terrible things! He makes us empathize with his character, which can be hard to do! Sometimes Hiddleston can do that with just a look or expression! I always feel with Tom Hiddleston he makes me feel all Loki's emotions, when one layer is revealed another one is right below it, just below the surface! Loki is unpredictable and you never know what he might do! Either way I love them both! I will keep watching them and Thor Ragnarok will be the best yet!

  11. 11:55 this part😍

  12. i love you Tom❤

  13. Loki is cute

  14. Somehow this was beautiful to watch.

  15. I'm here for Stellan

  16. Tom hiddleston is perfect

  17. jump to 10:41 for loki

  18. here for Loki ❤

  19. amazing visual effects all the blowing up and smoke and moving objects is all effects it's brill though and the fighting stunts in this movie are amazing see thor on wires flying through air lol ha amazing actors in this movie I was watching thor dark world last night and watching all the effects and stunts and a glimpse some of the characters in the BRoll it's so interesting so great to watch toms expressions in this make me laugh the camera crew are amazing Tom and Chris and Natalie Portman are all my fave actors there brilliant actors when I watched the movie I never knew Chris/Thor had his shirt of I was like Daym I cried when frigga and loki died in dark world Except Loki didn't die catch him disguised as Odin Loki when Loki died I was like noooo I love tom and Chris there both attractive when they planning to make a
    Thor 3 Loki should have his own movie definitely he's amazing thumbs up if you agree

  20. it's funny that almost 95% of the comments are all about Loki.

  21. keep calm AND love Tom hiddleston / loki 😎 ❤

  22. tom is my life

  23. Here for Loki…… 😂

  24. As you are aware, Tom Hiddleston offered his services as director before Alan Taylor was employed. At 13:10 we can see how it would have looked like had he gotten direction. Well, I have to admit he looks not bad as director.

  25. The music reminds me so much of Narnia

  26. I love this kind of stuff! Totally subscribing!!!!

  27. This comment section is one of the best I ever came across. No hate, no trolls, no pointless arguments. We all came under one purpose.

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