Thor: The Dark World clip – Where Were You? OFFICIAL UK Marvel | HD

Thor and Jane Foster reunite in Thor: The Dark World. See it in cinemas now. The sequel to Marvel’s Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom …
2013-12-09 16:02:37

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  1. Damn Padme I never knew you were so tough.

  2. the only real good thing about this movie was the look, designs, effects, textures, costumes and fight choreography. And they should've every thing as shiny & clean as it was in the 1st Thor movie.

  3. jane will not be in Ragnarok, very good, she hated this movies

  4. Too Much Like Tony Stark

    im jane if the guys i love ever comes back to my school

  5. Kate Holiday Blue Rainbow Rose Sun Moon Star Light

    Thor is perfect American god . Jane is good girl . I love this story so much . Thanks Wanner Bros .

  6. Emperor Tyrone Murderlard

    Well I don't care about the characters, but I need a message to send to Mr. Hammer All the Time, Miss Pretty Eyes and Mr. PowerStick. Now where are they? I need to comment to them. All 3 of them.

  7. 2 broke girls Kat denning so it's max in thor

  8. If only they played a few more seconds and Darcy would have come in and said "see your still all muscly"

  9. I'm sorry, but how do they know each other so well? Why would they care so much for each other?.

  10. What do ten fingers say to the face? Slap slap!

  11. Rouvin Josef Quirimit

    Yup when is Blu-Ray release?

  12. hysterical woman…

  13. Its Really like this 
    Slaps Hand Fractured 

  14. Brasil o/ 

  15. looking forward to it, SLAP!

  16. HAHAHA SLAP SLAP nice Welcome

  17. First comment!… That's actually about the video. Why is this clip uploaded again? Didn't Marvel upload this clip like a few weeks ago?

  18. First (i think)

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