Thor The Dark World (2013) – Thor Flying a Ship [1080p HD Blu-Ray]

Thor The Dark World (2013) – Thor Flying a Ship #Escaping Asgard [1080p HD Blu-Ray] Everything Belongs To Marvel Entertainment & Walt Disney.
2015-05-06 15:38:37

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  1. Loki shows what little brothers are for: to annoy the piss out of you xD

  2. 2:02 Loki is actually a puny God. Hulk was right.

  3. Loki's comments are hilarious

  4. Loki, you do a fantastic job of making me want to punch you in the face.

  5. Nobody tell me now that they aren't brothers…..why this is exactly how brothers act…..hope Loki and thor just come together in Ragnarok because this is just priceless….and Please stop making such adorable villains you make me question my conscience….You are NOT supposed to like Loki but don't WE JUST LOVE HIM…

  6. I love Loki he is the best and I can relate to Loki that's why I love him and he is my favorite

  7. That "ta-da" at the end…😂😂😂

  8. Oh dear, is she dead? SO SASSY!!!

  9. The true Brotp, this scene is that they are truly brothers. Blood makes you related but trust makes you family.

  10. The true Brotp, this scene is that they are truly brothers. Blood makes you related but trust makes you family.

  11. Who else had to replay the "Ta-da" like six times?

  12. Lorenzo Escudero King

    "you know this is wonderful, this a tremendous idea, let's steal the biggest, most obvious ship in universe and escape in that" Loki being the typical sarcastic little brother 😂

  13. Lol.. "Well done.. You just decapitated your grandfather.. " Loki makes me laugh every time..

  14. Loki: I think you missed a column
    Thor: Shut Up

  15. 2:01 That must have felt good hahaha.

  16. Volstagg gives no fucks about swinging fellow Asgardians heads off, jesus lol

  17. Natalie Porthman was like at 1:02 "Guys, I don´t want to play this role longer. Give me a break!

  18. Well done you just decapitated your grandfather.

  19. "Oh dear. Is she dead?"
    Like Willy Wonka's "No, stop, don't."

  20. He literally give no fucks. Not. A. Single. One.

  21. Loki is the best!

  22. My mom says she loved this movie because it reminded her of my brother and me😂

  23. I am just like Loki. Too much commentary. 😀
    "You seemed to have missed a column." I would have said just that.
    "Well done you just decapitated your grandfather."
    (Pushes him out of the plane)

  24. "well done you just decapitated your grandfather"

  25. Loki: I think you missed a column
    Loki: Oh dear, is she dead?
    Loki: Now they're following us
    Loki: Now they're firing at us
    Loki: Well done. You just decapitated your grandfather.
    Loki: Tada

  26. Loki is the BEST Marvel vaillan…but I like Magneto too <3

  27. "Oh dear, is she dead."
    That tone of voice

  28. it's actually in this scene you can say they are brothers

  29. Tadaaaaaaa!!!!!! I just love Loki!!!

  30. I remember watching this and thinking that Loki and Thor were a bit like Peter and Edmund from Narnia

  31. the best part of the whole movie.



  32. I love how nonchalantly Loki asks if she's dead. And I'm pretty sure Tom threw in the ta-da.

  33. HAHA that 'Ta-daa' at the end. Oh, Loki. I don't like the guy (IN THE SLIGHTEST) but he makes me laugh in this film.

  34. Jane ruined Thor 1 and 2

  35. Nickelbackist meinLeben

    Taadaa i love it so much♡

  36. Thor: ARE YOU INSANE?!
    Loki: Thinks about it for a few seconds and does a pinching motion with his fingers
    Thor: A little bit…..ok.

  37. "Oh dear, is she dead?" makes me laugh every single time 😀

  38. Im i the only one who laughed when Loki was still falling 😂😂😭

  39. Damn, Loki was just stealing the show this entire movie.

  40. I feel like I relate to Loki so much in this scene.
    The sarcasm and smarmy confidence before being owned (and deserving it).

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