Thor: The Dark World (2013) CLIP | Jane Foster Finds The Aether – Malekith Wakes Up (Scene) | HD

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2017-06-17 21:33:49

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  2. So, bor had the asgardians hide infinity gems inside of beautiful women? Well… if no one has checked jessica alba i volunteer to search for one there.

  3. Hide it somewhere no one will ever find it… Malekith can't find but Jane can…ummm…

  4. Why did I read the title as the dank world

  5. i've been looking for this, thank you

  6. Not sure how a normal human like Jane could hold the Aether for as long as she did…

  7. the Dark Elves sense the Aether

  8. Angel- Movie and Marvel Maniac.

    I thought the Aether was fruit punch.

  9. first

  10. Malekith said ''Fanta'' 😀

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