Thor The Conqueror – Full Movie by Film&Clips

Thor The Conqueror – Full Movie by Film&Clips Director: Tonino Ricci (as Anthony Richmond) Writers: Tito Carpi (screenplay), Tito Carpi (story) Stars: Bruno …
2015-06-16 11:40:02

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  1. nice boob

  2. Absolute rubbish

  3. BORING !!!

  4. what the f… k, this is not thor anymore…..

  5. A spaghetti Nordic adventure, filmed on location in Italy! D-minus tv movies from 1965.

  6. This would have been a great movie to watch, if there where not 20 fricking commercials !

  7. bkin bt z

  8. So painful to watch!

  9. I don't know what's the best the movie or the comical comments

  10. Quick! I need helmets!
    Here's three wicker baskets.

  11. A funny movie. A real Italian B-Movie 😀

  12. Nice great movie

  13. Nice great movie

  14. Not Be Corret This Film ,, So Manythink Wrong

  15. 33:08 Rape scene? Or just hard stone age love?

  16. OMG who fucked this up?????

  17. I have subscribed your channel . please subscribe my channel and see the video.

  18. This is a very good bad movie and far better than GOR for the S&S

  19. oh so nice to watch

  20. La "grande" époque des megananars italiens qui avaient le choix entre une crapouillade à la Star Wars, Mad Max, Alien, La Guerre du Feu ou Conan. Et parfois un mix.
    Un petit bijou dans le genre ce Thor délicieusement craignos. Ne manque qu'un doublage français en rapport.
    Une pensée pour Mad Movies.

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