THOR: Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot

THOR is an electromechanical, bi-pedal humanoid platform that has been designed to participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (Track A), which focuses on …
2013-07-11 04:54:15

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  1. pourri
    qui paye pour ca!

  2. What type of motor is being used to move the leg backwards and forwards(not side ways)(not the the linear actuators)?

  3. which linear motors are they using? soo fast…

  4. where's his hammer

  5. I love the stick with a baby shoe on it :3

  6. Very good!

  7. 이제 머지않았군요! 토르 화이팅!

  8. for arms…

  9. Dynamixel PRO on hand??? :O

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