Thor Soundtrack – Sons of Odin

Track #3 from the Thor soundtrack composed by Patrick Doyle.
2011-05-09 02:57:10

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  1. Sencillo, relájense, cierren los ojos y piensen que estaban cabalgando su corcel en el Bifrost… directo a las estrellas… directo al sagrado Asgard. 🙂

  2. "Another!"

  3. I always read "Song of Odin" xD

  4. thy shall never underestimate the power of Thor

  5. Ragnar Lodbrok and his sons burn their houses with this mix tape

  6. This soundtrack is god

  7. Ragnarok Awaits! 3/11/2017

  8. anyone in 2017?

  9. People: "Lol Marvel soundtracks are so bland, generic, and forgettable."
    Me: "*links to this video*"

  10. would be a great replacement for the Wedding March at a wedding.

  11. does the song remind anyone a little bit of the theme song from Gods and Generals?

  12. I love Thor music I listen everyday lol. Add my fb

  13. Majesticpotayto 65312

    0:31 is the part most ppl r looking for lol XD

  14. tbh i've always loved loki so much <3

  15. Thorsgamer - Roleplay & More


  16. whosever holds this hammer,if he be worthy shall posses the power of……JOHN CENAAAAAAAA

  17. i love it, what a joy!: 00:54

  18. i am thor son of odin FOR ASGARD

  19. i got to admit tho great theme

  20. They better bring this back for Thor 3

  21. Starting at :31 = my favorite Thor soundtrack ever

  22. masterpiece.

  23. I am Thor Son of Odin!

  24. hmm yes this is what heroic should sound like (take note hans zimmer you hack)


  26. I don't understand why Marvel never got Patrick Doyle back to score any more Marvel movies. He created such a unique and memorable soundtrack for this, yet so many of the Marvel movies have such bland forgettable music in them (Thor: The Dark World, Avengers 2).

  27. Anyone excited for Thor 3?

  28. After listening to this a thunderstorm started outside. What are the odds of that lol

  29. Thor has the best soundtrack to ANY marvel movie!

  30. My favorite marvel character and so fricken powerful.

  31. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Holy shit this sucks, if you want to listen to actually well composed movie scores look up JunkieXL and listen to any of the songs from Mad Max, or dead pool, or even Batman VS superman

  32. I mean… I was looking for the Manowar song, but this is awesome!

  33. I feel like I'm in the splendid halls of asgard!

  34. soo thoughtful

  35. Godly soundtrack

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