Thor Scene With Hawkeye

The scene in Thor where hawkeye is first shown. ALL RIGHTS GO TO MARVEL.
2013-03-22 00:00:59

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  1. I didn't realize that sitwell was also here.. Hail hydra.

  2. my fav MCU solo movie and one of the best scene of this movie

  3. Not gonna lie, I squealed with glee when he picked up the bow, cause I knew he was Clint!

  4. 1:04 I thought it said n*gger at first 😅

  5. can someone explain how Hawkeye doesn't know Thor or was going to stop Thor in this scene if they'd already met in the avengers?? I'm confused

  6. Jeremy renner is amazing even in a cameo, as he is in everthing.

  7. I seen Thor when I was younger and didn't see the part with Hawkeye couple months I see avengers Hawkeye becomes my favorite avenger a couple years come I see the avengers age of ultron marathon I watch Thor I get shocked when after Colson says with a gun I say he wants that rifle then grabs the bow I was shocked and was like wait what ?

  8. the news is that Hawkeye will be killed off in infinity stones.

  9. What if the black Shield Agent that Thor had to fight was really Luke Cage…

  10. a bow an arrow is not a gun

  11. coulson; wait i want to see this

  12. 0:35
    the eyeglasses baldy is a hydra just noticed.

  13. I love that they address this moment in Avengers AOU!

  14. I remember freaking out when I saw the hands touch the bow

  15. I can't believe I only noticed this was Hawkeye the second time I watched this movie and only THEN freaking out.

  16. u suck at puting the full scene in

  17. This was a rubbish introduction of Hawkeye honestly. He doesn't even do anything, he's just up there with a bow aaaand… watches. Okay. And that's it. That's all he does in this movie. Then next time we see him he immediatly gets brainwashed and we don't really get to know his character in that film either. There are little things there, hints at his relationship with Phil and Natasha but nothing you really notice when you watch the movie for the first time and don't know anything about Hawkeye. He just gets overshadowed by the others guys who we have all known for at least one movie (even Black Widow got more screentime before the avengers than him).

    In Age of Ultron they fixed a lot of that. His speech to Wanda was brilliant and making him the one normal guy on the team by giving him a family, was a good idea too (even though I didn't really like it… and neither did all the Clintasha shippers, I guess). But seriously he could have gotten a better start.

    But come on. Give us a Hawkeye movie allready. The guy is awesome he deserves some real screentime.
    Oh and when you're at it give us that Black Widow movie too.

  18. is the black guy Luke Cage??

  19. Did I just saw the dude who got run over by a semi truck in captain America 2

  20. And he never went right handed again.

  21. I imagine this was what happened after Thor movie ended
    Hawkeye: i had a bow, not sure why I bothered bringing it up with me as I never used it.
    Coulson: We didn't know whether to shoot him or not OK!
    Hawkeye: I'm gonna leave shield as you wasted my screen time, you didn't even send me to fight the destroyer.
    Coulson: well if I get killed by a god a mischief you can then become an avenger.
    Loki: that can be arranged

  22. 0:05 Hawkeye- "F**k this, Imma go Robin Hood up his ass"

  23. Is it just me or did I saw Sitwell?

  24. I screamed in the theater when I figured out it was Hawkeye, T-T My dad got mad at me. He just doesn't understand what it means to Geek Out!

  25. i love hawkeye. wished they had given him a series. i wanna see him more

  26. what movie is this

  27. I'm so sorry, Thor.

  28. i guess he's no longer worthy

  29. Too bad that Clint didn't mention this moment in AoU while everyone is trying to pick up the hammer ( the, mi-, mij something) lol.

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