Thor Ragnarok Trailer Reaction!

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2017-04-12 06:42:23

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  1. That was awkward

  2. Worth it for the Simon impression alone.

  3. Ben… Is that shirt from a Loot Crate? Tuts and slowly shakes head

  4. The Simon impression killed me

  5. You guys do a better Simon then he himself does 😛 lol

  6. the Simon impression made me crease xD

  7. Typical whatculture plebs. Want the same formula of constant jokes and similar plot for every CBM. Then again what can you expect from plumpy who would have changed TDKR ending so catwoman would have became Batwoman. 😂😂Oh and let's not forget Ben the swine potter who tries so hard to be plumpy. Typically marvel fanboys. Overjoyed Thor has changed to a lighter tone even though ragnarok was meant to be dark. Honestly these guys are clueless about comics.

  8. Would you agree that Thor's character developed more through the short comedy sketches that the two movies so far? Love the new trailer and the Guardians-esque psychedelic vibe.

  9. hahahahaha the Simon pisstake was hilarious 😀

  10. If you watched the extra scene in the credits of Doctor Strange, you know the good Dr. is going to be in this movie

  11. The greatest rock band Led Zeppelin is "fun music"? Those are fighting words sir lol

  12. Is it me or does most of the What Culture team sound the same? Oh and i don't like the new personality of Thor.

  13. You guys are aware that the best thing in your channel is your accents, right?

  14. Kirby was a hack. Lazy, just like Shirow. Yes, give me your hate. My bridge grows larger!!

  15. Plumpy needs a little hat. Make it so!

  16. Send up of Simon was dead on, but I'll bet he could pumble you lads if needed?

  17. Is Adam in training for a hula-hoop contest?

  18. Blanchett has let us all down as lead villain before. Though we can blame George Lucas for that? Right?

  19. Can I point out that watching one of your videos is on my daily routine

  20. In norse mythology, Hela/Hel is the ruler of the land of the dishonourable dead. (those who died out of combat, whether sickness, suicide, ect….)

    Whereas, in the comics, Thanos "goes after" Death, who appears to be a seperate entity altogether.

  21. agree with you, Adam! 0 fucks to a whole lot after trailer 😀

  22. The colour scheme of the movie is classic Kirby Thor

  23. Well if Heimdallr dies like he does in Ragnarok according to Norse mythology then that means Heimdallr and Loki should kill eachother!……..But who knows! it's Hollywood, they change stuff sometimes 😎

  24. Wait, is Simon not real and just Ben and Adam putting on a voice?!

  25. Vince Testosterone Mannson

    it is not pronounced hell it`s prenounced hEEEEEEEL

  26. what reaction !!! all talking

  27. Yall need to relax with the Simon impression because you have me dying 10 seconds into the god damn

  28. i feel idris elba was wasted in the MCU like hes badass but imagine him as black panther

  29. That impression of Simon at the start was FUCKING BRILLIANT.

  30. Impressions of Simon always make me laugh, and that's okay. Do they make you laugh, if not, that's okay too.

  31. There soo awkward without jumpcuts

  32. collector and granmaster not bezzies: they are brothers.

  33. Where is Beta Ray Bill??????????????

  34. Ben does a good Simon.

  35. Loved the Simon impression!

  36. Asgardians of the Galaxy

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