Thor: Ragnarok Trailer! Gladiator HULK! Broken Mjolnir! Loki Returns!

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer! Gladiator HULK! Broken Mjolnir! Loki Returns! // Subscribe: // CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR …
2017-04-10 17:00:01

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  1. do we love him? Neutral colur. StaN lEE SAID HE IS THE BOSS-hE IS NUCLEAR

  2. Wааtсh Glaaааdiаtor оnlinе in hd quааlitу here =>

  3. whinderssonnunes positive

    Watch Glаdiаtоr оonlinе in hd quаlityу hееree =>

  4. WatchMojo: If they can't take a script from other YouTuber's they then just describe the basis of the trailer to, not only, get views but hold your hand through this "confusing" (straight forward) trailer. Not to mention the lack of false information they give on a subject that would easily be corrected with a simple google search (Seriously, you're paid for this… ). In the case of Thor, I.E.; his hammer, Mjolnir, given as a simple example.

  5. How come no advertisements. They must be writing this movie off hoping to recoup money on this disaster

  6. Wаtch Glаааdiаtoооr оnlinееeе hеeere =>

  7. whatdo you mean valkyrie,valkyrie comes from CLASH OF CLANS

  8. This movie is pure feminism

  9. The hammer is make from China?

  10. Como se llama la Actriz?

  11. so you basically stole content

  12. aside from heimdal and hela, maybe the last stone was hidden inside the (H)ammer too.. because of this worthy thing. just making my own specs haha lol
    was destroyed In NY I think 😀
    music was cool and the battle of the valkyrie & hela was epic very nice

  13. I'm sorry but Valkyrie is supposed to be white with blonde hair and blue eyes! Instead they have the black chick from "Westworld?!" Lame. I'm sure I'm going to be attacked or called racist but I'm not. I just hate when they change things from the comic book so they can have a more ethnically diverse cast!!

  14. Tom Hiddleston is such a Douche.

  15. I dig Hela's headdress. She might look like a reindeer but will she show any camel toe?

  16. Fuck you assholes, I was already pumped and so were a lot of people!

  17. I wonder what Odin has to say about all this…

  18. Thanks for spoiling that big reveal in the thumbnail before I got a chance to see the teaser first.

  19. so here's where hulk has been all this time but how did he get to Asgard

  20. "We know each other, he's a friend from work"

  21. I like the trailer I just don't like the song and the neon color look just weird for a Ragnarok movie (but hey I don't know never know the story of it still sond darker that most movie)

  22. WoW what a big shit show this trailer is, and the movie is going to be the same … this marvel fan is about to be fucking done with the MCU, like i already am with and thing FOX …

  23. Why is Hulk here?

  24. Cate Blanchett as Hela. Hela in a movie? More like … Hell ya…

  25. Y hulk In there ???

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