Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer REACTION!!

Eric Shane Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Vote in our polls and see certain Blind Wave videos early!!
2017-04-12 04:20:43

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  1. Eeee baby

  2. whoa day after my birthday!

  3. hela
    thanos main squeeze

  4. my only worry is the trailer for Batman versus Superman look amazing. the trailer for Suicide Squad looked amazing and we both know how those turned out so I really hope there is not a great trailer with a garbage movie like I have a feeling it's going to be

  5. Are you ever doing SAO abridged episode 11?

  6. The part when Hella confronts Thor seems like it is right after Thor met Dr. Strange in the coda of Dr. Strange. If you look closely , Hella destroys the hammer in a city, you can see graffiti and dumpsters and regular buildings. Me also thinks that the Thor/Hulk battle will be in the middle of the movie and then Thor and Hulk will team up to FUCK shit up and try to save Asgard. That would be fucking EPIC. This trailer takes trailers in general to a whole new incredible level withe the Zep song. I have a BONER now 🙂

  7. 2:50 That looks like crap? What? 🙂

  8. Her name is hel not hella xd

  9. I hope this doesn't sound too horrible, but I don't like that they "blackwashed" Brumhilde. Let's wait and see…

  10. Gardians of the Galaxy will meet Thor …Marvel's perfect set up for Infinity War…..

  11. The guy in the middle and the guy by the side look so much alike.

  12. yes a smaller video window…that is what we want…ffs

  13. You guys should make a series of d&d it would be awsome

  14. it is from an exact jack kirby frame and yes it is a celestial

  15. I think the reason why it looks like guardians is because space shouldn't change. Guardians created that world so they kind of have to follow that aesthetic so don't be surprised if Infinity Wars has a similar feel as well.

  16. the ignorance, and stupidity of this reaction is so cringy.

  17. Unusable Signal's Star Wars World

    Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

  18. just waiting for the react on Star Wars

  19. Anyone else hoping to see SURTUR!??



  22. Goldblum always finds a way.

  23. Please react to Iron Fist episodes on Netflix. We are in so high demand right now

  24. So that trailer was everything. Marvel still killing the game.

  25. 2:50 it sounds like someone is saying that looks like crap.

  26. In the MCU Hela is Loki's daughter.

  27. u guys need to do Animes got talent it's very amazingly well done

  28. Get a little of the trailer with your talking do ya 🙂

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