Mark Ellis reacts to and review the first official teaser trailer for ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ CHECK OUT LOOT CRATE: *** Save 10% with Promo …
2017-04-10 16:49:25

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  1. Thor: Planet Hulk looks awesome!

  2. I can't wait for the Hulk to speak. It looks like he can really speak

  3. Reaction is out of sink with the video :-/

  4. In what world do you hear Academy Award Winner Cate Blanchett say Asgard Is Dead


  5. Um, "cool"? You just watched watched Mjolnir get destroyed and your snapping your fingers grooving to Zepplin. #soconfused But let's wig out over the helmet…mkaaay.

  6. VALENTINEproductions

    Mark, you've been working out?

  7. wth does the word shmoe mean? it sounds so disgusting

  8. Why would you say GotG..? I don't really see that.. BUT if you happen to see that, I mean… is it a bad thing? all these movies are suppose to be connected.

    I thought this trailer was FANTASTIC! I don't need to see anymore.

  9. Looks like a two large corn movie for Mark

  10. You entirely failed the sync up of the video didn't you.

  11. So happy to hear the Led playing this trailer. Made it so much better. And what was up with the '80's wording? Super awesome! 😀

  12. Thor Wars: a guardians of galaxy story

  13. I am okay with the light-heartedness if it is at the beginning of the movie. But at the end when the Ragnarok war comes, it needs to be serious and weighty. It's supposed to be the end of all Asgardians and the Asgardian dimension. Ragnarok is supposed to be epic.

  14. only if dc would've been this good

  15. MARK! Atomic Blonde trailer #2 reaction video! Holy hot daaaaaaaaamn
    Suddenly on my must see list

  16. Time to stop watching Thor trailers so no more of it is ruined.

  17. I already got fucked backwards by all the Homecoming trailers. This is the only Ragnarok trailer I'm watching.
    I'm already sold anyways. XD

  18. This made my day " I know him we work together" lol

  19. Mark has the Best reaction vids!

  20. Of course it's like GotG – Thor will meet some of the Guardians, I think!

  21. The hair is not doing it for me…..

  22. Holy cow Cate is hot! How does she do it? A great trailer, does have a GOTG feel to it with a seventies flair, it looks rough and fun and no holds barred. Liked Thor's new helmet, liked how Loki looked, I'm definitely seeing this in the theater. Seems like Marvel can do no wrong.

  23. Hela is bangin'

  24. Led Zep hell yeah

  25. wasnt impressed at all felt too guardian of the galaxy like, i expected something entirely different from a movie called Thor Ragnarok

  26. This trailer is amazing! Did it exactly what it was supposed to do. The first two Thor films I thought were just average so I was skeptical about the third one. This trailer has hyped me up so much.

  27. Good reaction Mark. Didn't over due it. Gave a bit of narration. Well done. Try not to talk TOO much though because you end up missing some of the moments in the trailer.

  28. A whole new generation has been introduced to Led Zeppelin via Marvel and Thor. That song will be downloaded thousands of time in the next 24 hours. I have no doubt this movie will make $1 billion just like Civil War and Ironman 3. Disney will be laughing all the way to the bank with Guardians and Thor this year.

  29. Ethan Megenis-Clarke

    This should be the full trailer. I don't need to know anything else, it was the perfect length and perfect amount of content.

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