Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer REACTION!!!

In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer and somebody actually shattered his hammer!!!! Original Video Link: …
2017-04-10 23:45:10

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  1. watch the trailer for Blade Runner 2049 please!!!!!



  4. the woman who shattered mjolnir is HELA LOKIS DAUGHTER THE GODDESS OF FUCKING D E A T H

  5. If you thought the first time they fought was something…. wait till you see this

  6. DAgamingdroid /Xterio

    here's how it goes guya, hulk left the avengers at the end of age of ultron when hulk jumps in the plane and throws ultron, widow try to tell him to one back but he refuses, either he doesn't want to be with earth or avengers, or he doesn't want to be hulk and rage on the city (hulkbuster vs hulk)so than he ends up in as gard and they probably do the stuff they did in the planet hulk movie, other than that, I'm hyped.

  7. watch the end of age of ultron again to understand what happens to thor and the hulk and this movie takes place during civil war

  8. How is Hulk there? "Life finds a way."

  9. Jasmine loves Loki
    I can rest easy now lol <3

  10. Doctor Strange is in this film as well.

  11. Dwayne N Jazz This a different Hulk from another Hulk planet dimension that's why he's dressed this way

  12. they sent hulk away cause he got to dangerous and the collecter picked him up at the end of planet hulk

  13. end of avengers 2 thats how hulk got there

  14. React to the Infinity War: First Look one

  15. i love watching you guys react you both look so amazing and sexy

  16. Isn't Dr strange in it?

  17. Am I the only one who thinks the background song sounds like the Superwoman theme in the new upcoming movie trailers?

  18. Don't forget the second to last avenger movie hulk left(age of ultron),this is all happening when iron vs captain happened (civil war),doctor strange and guardians of the galaxy will make an appearance

  19. I hope you guys are fucking happy with yourselves. I was literally spending the entire day trying to avoid any spoilers for the thor ragnarok trailer so i could watch it without knowing anything and when i came home to watch it, just as i started watching it i saw your guy's thumbnail for the video which told me exactly what happened at the end of the trailer and so it was spoilt for me.

    Why would you put spoilers for a trailer in the fucking thumbnail?
    Hope your happy.

  20. doctor strange will repair Thor's hammer

  21. Watch the cartoon

  22. Dwayne what happened to ur weave

  23. wow people can't even hold it and she broke it

  24. planet hulk kind of thing

  25. hulk was last seen on the avenjet

  26. hela since she is the goddess of death she wants to destroy asgard but enchantress goal is to take control of thor's mind and marry him to take control of asgard and loki just doesnt give a care in the world

  27. suter typo is the god of the underworld who invades earth but invisible women and mr fantastic son kills him enchantres it the goddess of beauty and enchantments and loki is actually the god of misgif sorry not a good speller uggg im 24 and caint spell good lol

  28. she is evil like surturn loki and enchatress

  29. and the girl who shattered his hammer is hela the goddess of death

  30. mutants and humans banish hulk from earth its in the comic books world war hulk

  31. The girl who shattered Thor's hammer is Hela she is also the one who had the weird antlers on her head (that's her crown) she is the ruler of NIfelhime or Hel. She has the power to kill asgaurdians which is why she can shatter his hammer. In the comics she is also Loki's daughter so it'll be interesting to see what their relationship in the movie will be.

  32. Hulk went aweay in age of ultron and end up in a primitive planet and the collector and loki captura Hulk

  33. Hella's gonna destroy fucking everything XD

  34. where do you guys think hulk was during civil war?

  35. Enjoyed your reaction folks! Greetings from Germany, Thor's backyard if you want so.^^ Check out my reaction video to the Thor 3 trailer on my YouTube channel BoboPro.

  36. Jasmine is fine as fuck!!!

  37. I want fenrir to be in this movie (one of hel brothers)

  38. Rogoth01 The Master Wizard

    "planet hulk", watch it to get context as to why hulk and thor are in this gladiator deathmatch situation, in regards to mjolnir, hela is the daughter of loki and the giantess angerboda, and is the goddess of death, she is close to as powerful as odin while in helheim, but is powerful in her own right.

  39. i hope you know thats skaar from sakaar

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