Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer #1 REACTION !!!

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2017-04-10 23:26:19

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  1. this girl has hairfall problem I think

  2. Thor! Unless they both have a mother named martha, then all bets are off.

  3. THOR Wins in a fight against the Hulk if he was his Hammer with him of course if not then Hulk will Smash without a dough

  4. Technically Hel is not worthy to wield Mjolnir , the only reason she's able to hold it before she destroys it is because she's using her dark power to manipulate it. Hel is a very powerful being.

  5. Thor anyday!!

  6. John Cena will be there too….

  7. like your dance

  8. Without the hammer thors toast against hulk

  9. nice reaction and nice ears! ^^ Check out my reaction video to Thor 3 on my YouTube channel BoboPro.

  10. I doubt Hulk will win, even in situations without Mjolnir, Hulk has never canonically defeated Thor and he never will. You see, Hulk has problems with people who are in his strength class and versatility.

  11. This time Thor's hammer is crushed so….the battle between him and hulk is equal

  12. Q rica me corro un pajaso con esa carita

  13. Hulk will stop fighting thor at some moment in the movie, because he had mercy on him. But if hulk en thor without his hammer would fight without mercy, hulk will win

  14. I would honestly say that Thor will win cause he's a god but he doesn't seem to have Mjolnir so maybe hulk? Its also interesting cause Thor and hulk have a little clash in the first Avengers movie… and Hulk also easily beats up Loki who is also a god (puny) but I can't say who will for sure win…. just know that it will be an awesome battle xD

  15. i think hulk will win because thor didn't have his hammer with him

  16. Hulk wins if Thor does not have the Hammer. With the Hammer it is a toss up

  17. Hey Bunny Girl. You should react to The Hitmans Bodyguard.

  18. React to Star Wars the last jedi pls

  19. Hulk Wins. No question.

  20. Me enamore ♥

  21. Hulk will win

  22. So if this trailer is to be believed this movie is basically "Spartacus- Thor style" with Thor's home being destroyed, him then being captured and forced to be a gladiator.

  23. i forget about the video i just keep watching your face lol lol

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