Thor Ragnarok Synopsis Preview and Trailer Details – Planet Hulk

Thor Ragnarok Synopsis Preview and Trailer Details. Planet Hulk Plot, Thor vs Hulk, Odin, Marvel Trailer Guardians of The Galaxy 2 and Spider Man …
2017-01-06 05:54:23

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  1. Let me know what you're most hype about during Thor Ragnarok! Thor vs Gladiator Hulk is going to be awesome! Posting new Arrow Prometheus next 🙂

  2. Watching your videos gets me so pumped

  3. Hulk crashed in the jet. They show that he crashlanded near a island

  4. What about dr strange ?

  5. will there be beta ray bill

  6. they said they found the jet crashed in the forest though

  7. I want a spideytoy

  8. Im so excited about doctor strange in thor ragnarok

  9. will fantastic four join the fight?

  10. I can't wait for any of it to come out

  11. TheCuriousHoneyBadger

    The more angrier he gets the more bigger and stronger he gets

  12. I can't want to see this movie maybe the best one this year

  13. not planet hulk it will be HULK VS THOR MOVIE

  14. Can anyone confirm Galactus , silver surfer or Dr Doom ?

  15. Let me know when there's a trailer for Thor 3

  16. can you talk a little about the difference between this thanos quest and the one from the comics? I had a good convo about it recently and would like to see your take on the changes

  17. OMG sooo excited Planet Hulk

  18. SOul Gem will be in Wakanda…..

  19. I thought ultron explained where hulk went..

    but i bet you he entered an arena which is under the grandmaster's rule and became the undefeated gladiator. thor contacts grandmaster to gain hulk's help, but must enter the ring to get TO hulk and get his help

  20. Hoping Planet Hulk is done justice, faith in Fiege though

  21. This movie is going to be awesome !

  22. Peter William Parker

    It will be cool to see the Hulk fight Thor on Ragnork. I also wonder what happened to Thor's father since Loki is using an illusion to appear as Odin? I would like to see Loki team back up with Thor like they worked together in the second Thor movie. Looking forward to the Infinity War. And for Thanos to get all the Infinity stones will they have to kill off Vision since he has one of the stones on his forehead?

  23. You explain all this so well thanks mate!!

  24. i HOPE TO WIN

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