Thor Ragnarok Full Plot Leak and Breakdown

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2016-08-26 21:00:01

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  1. this actually sounds somewhat plausible. One thing that does not add up is when he says Thor goes to New York to find Odin, he has long hair, as seen in set pictures and Doctor Strange end credit scene. They make it seem like it happens after he has the gladiator fight with Hulk, which he has short hair. My own fault for watching these plot leaks, just wait till damn movie comes out!

  2. 📗📘📕📙⚖🔬🎥📹📽🃏🎭🏆⭐🔥☀🚁📽📹🎥🔬

  3. so there's still hope.

  4. The grandmaster should have been played by the undertaker from wwe.

  5. Back to Salt City boi.

  6. Anyone here after the trailer?


  8. Grain of salt? then why am i watching this shit.

  9. did thor get his hammer back?

  10. Fuck I spoiled the movie for myself

  11. No offence I don't get why it's call Thor Ragnok if he's barely in it if this leak is true like if u agree

  12. I had to mine a mountain to get enough salt for these videos..

  13. That's sounds exciting

  14. mjolnir is broken!!!???? What the heck

  15. grain of salt..purple man retrieves infinity stone from heimdall?

  16. Actually, saying actually in every third sentence is actually really annoying. Actually.

  17. Lrrr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8

    So fucking keen for Planet hulk

  18. Safe to say that "ultimate weapon" is the last Infinity Stone

  19. I know the video is old but now you should add the help o Strange, in the part where they go to earth to get Odin.

  20. I hope this doesn't ruin your Man Crush, for Karl Urban, but did you know he got his start, by playing Cupid on "Xena Princess Warrior"? He played other roles on the show, but Cupid is …uh…yeah…Cupid

  21. I really like your videos… but PLEASE stop saying 'actually' all the time… that would make them so much more enjoyable 🙂

  22. sound like a mash up if a few different comics. I do kinda like the planet hulk thing.

  23. It not ragnarock if asgard doesn't end up destroyed

  24. Very very wrong and never believe this channel because they basically have nothing right

  25. I think thanos will take the stone from lokie also at the end

  26. Why was there no mention of Doctor Strange? At the end of Doctor Strange movie he said he would help Thor find his father… So obviously he is going to be in Thor ragnorok just as captain America is going to be in the Black Panter movie? So why wasn't he mention and how he is going to make an impact on the movie….

  27. What if Beta Ray Bill comes in? That would be AWESOME

  28. Sounds good to me🙃

  29. like your cast . Ty

  30. what about doctor strange in ragnarok?

  31. Punchaphol Jintasathaporn

    Bruh… Another Marvel one-movie-off villain?

  32. Fenrir, not Fenris.

  33. hope beta ray bill has a little screen time in this movie

  34. Too long for a movie, maybe a Thor 2 game?

  35. maybe loki plays the role that Mephisto played  in the infinity guantlet

  36. where is doctor strange what about the soul gem and do we see some tesseract action again after 5 years one change my theory is that loki does'nt come to earth but strange is going to help them get to asgard

  37. I ran out of salt, can i take this with a grain of pepper?

  38. Saying "a huge grain of salt" defeats the purpose of that saying. I think you mean "a very small grain of salt". It's meant to be a reduction in its validity.

  39. What about Doc Strange?

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