Thor Polysonic Synthesizer – Available for iPad

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2013-06-20 09:54:36

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  1. Worst trailer EVER.

  2. I am Thor.

  3. What about Audio Units, use Thor as a plugin in GarageBand ect. That would be beyond amazing! Thank you so much for the product!

  4. Love Reason… and Thor.. but that was a pretty weak demonstration of Thor's abilities…

  5. yay will get ipad mini 4 soon cant wait to get this!

  6. Is it multitimbral? I guess not since I can't find anything about it. But it would be great if you could have say 4 parts simultaneously, with Audiobus multi-routing.

  7. wow, what a tacky commercial. and pretty useless if you want to actually know something about the synth

  8. Does it have MIDI Learn so I can connect it with external Hardware? I have Arturia MINILab

  9. Haha! Theres a preset named after that train station.

  10. Ana Carmen Bravo Ponce

    que mamada

  11. Can't make it work with my new Arturia MiniLab keyboard 🙁 Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
    Other apps see the keyboard but Thor just doesn't react to any midi messages from it.

  12. app Kong Please Propellerhead =)

  13. this is a great synth for ipad, the only bummer is that you really cant register it and gain access to some of the free thor refills on the website. Id really love to get a hold of the magic moog refill for thor.

  14. This synth is indispensable for me! 🙂 I got an iPad 2 as a gift a few years ago, and Thor, Sunrizer, and Nave are all I need on there. Excellent app, excellent everything.

  15. This is one of the best advertisements I've ever seen for a set of noise cancelling headphones. +1!

  16. Great job marketing, we get it, it's an ipad app and you can play it anywhere. How about actually showing the features a bit more, maybe how it is different than other ipad synths?

  17. What about Android?  Seriously.  More and more are using Android now.  Apple is becoming old stuff now.

  18. Shamelss Sennheiser plug..

  19. This synth is a beast!!

  20. maybe one day we get the full daw for i pad and the like

  21. What an amazing reply.

  22. hehehe, good one… 😀

  23. Not true. It tells you that the Hornstull renovation in Stockholm includes bench seating, it tells you the train out to Saltsjöbaden is boring enough that you should bring entertaining apps, and it tells you that after making synth noises in a coffee shop it's best to stare wistfully into the distance. 🙂

  24. This video tell us nothing.

  25. Nice polyrhythmic loop of the subway sample @1:18 to the end.

  26. Yeah, well, of course… EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD BY EMOTIONS… and so we need clips like this one… right? I am so bored! I'll buy the app although clips like these waste my time and true emotions….

  27. Propellerhead keeps getting better and better

  28. I think all these little iOS apps coming out of Propellerhead have got me more and more interested in actually checking out Reason as a DAW.

  29. That's why I love your way of doing things, Propellerhead! Everything is more complex and detailed than it seems at first sight. =)

  30. Possibly/probably the nicest synth ad I've ever seen. The synth sounds GREAT, btw – now to start programming it… though the presets are lovely!


  32. I would agree with you but then we'd be both wrong.

  33. Any plans to release this for Android?

  34. meanwhile ios 7 is bringing new audio features … i would be happy to have choice about making music on tablets , but for now , truth is that there are not choice . ios is just far far away from android on that point .

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