Thor – Origins (Thorigins?)

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2015-04-29 17:31:00

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  1. is this why thor says " by odin's beard"

  2. You guys know I'm not the best with pronounciation, and when you throw in a bunch of crazy prononciation for Thor, it gets even wonkier, so please bear with me, as some of these words are going to be off.

    Enough = "AHNNUFF"

    Damn, Engliisch is wonky.

  3. So thors hammer was created twice, I'm just gonna go with the Jane Foster one.

  4. i live in iceland its þór

  5. i am really enjoying the unworthy thor comics right now

  6. I like how Odin instead of saying "By Odin's beard!" he says "by my beard!"

  7. Do god butcher

  8. God Butcher!!!

  9. No
    Just don't

  10. interesting show on origin

  11. Wait, Gugnir was made by giants in Norse Mythology. Why dwarves?

  12. Please do unworthy Thor

  13. do thor the thunder god



  16. so the fact that you said thorigins is worth a like.

  17. Thor is my all time favorite super hero and i am i die hard follower, reader and fan. i love your Thor videos but this story did an extreme injustice to Mjolnir's creation. Mjolnir's creation was far more complex then simple magic hand gestures and uru metal!

  18. Thor Ragnerock

  19. Wil you do Loki origin?

  20. How did Thor die? And any future replacements that took place?

  21. "Thorigins"
    I'm physically hurt

  22. All Thor story arcs are great, but the Siege arc is fantastic.

  23. Do the new Comic Series that has Spider Man have many adventures with Deadpool P.S the third issue has Female Thor and Spidey Stripping

  24. THOR 300 and everything that led up to it.

  25. do Thor girl

  26. hey what about the other two weapons made by the drawf and loki origin plz

  27. #Comicstorian i do not like how Marvel took a religion and used it to make money since it is unrespectful also how dare they change mjölnir to mjolnir those mean dingos like seriously changeing the name is a no no since every thing in religion is holy so changeing it in any way is just offensive

  28. Please do 'The God Butcher'. It's a pretty good Thor story imo.

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