Thor & Loki vs Dark Elves (Part 2) | Thor The Dark World (2013) | 4K ULTRA HD

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2016-09-12 17:29:18

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  1. I think he really died here..and every word he said was sincere..what happened to me is that hela came after thor left and gave him life again,purposing him to help her to conquering Asgard..afterall she's the godness of death (and Loki's daughter)in the mythology..isn't she? of course once he found himself alive all his good purposes from this movie were gone so..let's steel Odin's throne with Hela and bye bye Thor xD

  2. how can god hurt by sharp iron, if laser and bombs cant kill them(loki,thor,&others)????

  3. Why did they make Thor so weak it seems like what the Fuck

  4. I know this has nothing to do with the movie, but when will Hulk have a sequel?

    YOU WILL BE AVENGED LOKI. YOU WILL BE ABENGED!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Who would win a Sentinel or Thor?

  7. You cut it on the best part.

  8. Damn that 4k quality is awesome. But, I prefer to match in 360.
    coz my internet is damn great.

  9. Fake death, but, man I really cried that scene!

  10. Again, I love how Loki beats all his designated enemies with a pocket knife while Thor gets beat up when he had the strongest hammer in existence, then Loki comes over and kills Thor's enemy for him! And he also meant to be killed! If it wasn't for Loki, Thor would be pretty screwed right about now.

  11. and i actually felt sad for loki and thor here. i thought that was it for loki. but he shows up later.

  12. Kurse, the guy with the tusks kicking Thor's butt, is about 4 times as strong as Thor. Thor is Superman's equivalent in the Marvel Universe. Question is, how would Doomsday fair a fight against Kurse? Most people say Kurse kills Doomsday, but after that it's a stalemate. REMEMBER: Doomsday can come back, but that doesn't mean that his strength rises exponentially like the Hulk's does.

  13. why am i always crying everytime i watch this smh-_-

  14. hollywood is failing about mythology…about actors,dialouges and story…

  15. when he said i didn't do it for him did loki mean that he did it for thor or what ?

  16. Best fight in the movie. However, I just want to point out that they didn't really make Thor weak here. Before he became a Kursed, Algrim was already one of the strongest Dark Elves. His transformation allowed him to punch through energy fields no one else could penetrate, destroy an army of Asgardians on his way to the shield generator, and throw a huge boulder. So, they didn't make Thor too weak, they just made Kurse too strong (seriously, I don't think any of the Avengers except MAYBE Scarlet Witch (and she would only win if she was able to control his mind) could beat him.)

  17. "I didn't do it for him……."

    That was the bit that made me tear up

  18. MCU Thor is so pathetic compared to his comicbook counterpart.

  19. Kurse is the Marvel ripoff of Doomsday I guess

  20. Lol people at comments seem to be incapable of understanding how Kurse was able to toss away Mjolnir like it was trash and kick Thor's ass better then Hulk did. Guys in the comics just like Thor is the strongest asgardian, Kurse is the strongest Dark Elf to ever live and a match for Thor in strength… and that was BEFORE he was transformed. After the transformation he became twice as strong as Thor, and then four times as strong. This interpretation actually just gives Kurse justice. He is strong enough to fodderize even Mjolnir. He is much stronger then the Hulk.

  21. The moment you realize that was probably actually Odin… Not Loki, since he showed up later alive and well. ( Although, perhaps Odin was in his OdinSleep, which is possible, but doesn't seem likely.

  22. I feel like pulling Loki into his chest would've just pushed the blade out from his back. Whatever, cool idea though.

  23. if only he was CGI just like destroyer that wouldve been awesome

  24. Is this movie out yet???

  25. thor vs predator

  26. thor is very stronger and loki a true magic!! 😀

  27. See you in hell. Monster

  28. not a single tear

  29. bigger challenge then Hulk

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