Thor & Loki Reunite In New York

Thor & Loki Reunite In New York Subscribe Now! ▻ Our favorite brothers from another mother reunite in NYC and we’ve got the …
2016-08-22 21:16:31

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  1. Say, we need to make a Loki movie right?

  2. the brother in the movie

  3. Pronounce correctly ragnArOk

  4. i love loki though… he is so hot!!

  5. I love the little scene with the fans cause loki PHOTOBOMBS HAHAHA

  6. I'm sooo happy that cate Blanchett is in it as hela and hulk is backkkk

  7. Well….Loki in New York….that's not going to go down well

  8. In reality, I mean if Loki truly came down and wreaked havoc on New York, he would have a massive cult, no doubt in my mind. He is right for some people kneeling is their natural state

  9. AAAAAND LOKI'S BAAAACK! I was so sad when I thought we wouldn't see him again after Dark World, at least for a while. However, if Thor still believes Loki is indeed dead, how will he react to Loki now? This is going to be very VERY interesting.



  12. I just want Loki to find a girl.

  13. I bet This will happen-Doctor Stange Cameo


    i cant wait for this movie

  15. It's confirmed, people love Loki more than they do Thor

  16. ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!! DOCTOR STRANGE AND THOR AND LOKI OMFG!!!!!!!!!! I'm fucking jumping up & down on my bed rn! I'm so excited 😍😱😄😄😄

  17. Loki needs his own movie!

  18. loki & dr.strange are in the scene together?
    now i'm drooling like a dog waiting for its bone.

  19. Tom And Benedict in the same movie? Please Marvel, please, make my fan-girl dream come true.

  20. I want to met her in person and tell her that I am the one who she should watch this movie with. one in billion chance of that happening :/

  21. Questioning whether I may be doing some hetero exception for tom 😂

  22. so im back from 2017 I'll just say there will be another Thor movie !!!

  23. I can't wait no longer time machine activated!!!

  24. YEAH!! I SAW THEM !!! 😍😍😍😭

  25. Thor & loki. the 2 best brothers in the marvel mcu.

  26. Dr strange is comming out before Thor is though.

  27. Yo! Hemsworth nicked my jacket!

  28. you don't pronounce Brisbane "Brisbain" you say "Brisbin"

  29. Thor: Ragnarok is the last movie before Avengers: Infinity War. So I guess they'rr gonna visit him in a mid or post-credit scene in the movie…

  30. I the banter between Loki and Thor! The love, hate relationship as brothers, make anytime their on screen together fascinating to watch! The dynamic in the relationship is complex and intriguing! I feel the way Tom and Chris play these character a joy to watch, you can't have one without the other!

  31. Was on the set here no less than 5 hours ago. Oh also I was sitting next to him on set and on his right arm he has a tattoo that says R.I.P. on it.

  32. They are filming in brisbane Australia.

  33. It's not pronounced 'Brisbane' it's pronounced 'brisben'

  34. I am a MARVEL guy and my bestie is a DC after BvS he convinced me to like DC but after Civil War he confessed that it was better but then again Suicide Squad came out and again it was like DC all over again so I am much anticipated for Dr. Strange coz I wanna see the look on his face when he shuts up and confesses that Strange was better although

  35. The Architect Seth Rollins

    is that the wifi password?

  36. i have the feeling that thor ragnarok will be awesome
    its my most wanted marvel movie of 2017

  37. Thanks for the Dr.Strange spoilers. Stay classy.

  38. Well all know that this movie should be called

    LOKI: Ragnarok

    Where my Hiddlestoners at?!

  39. Sorry but it's pronounced bris-BUN despite being spelled brisbane. Sorry but it just bothered me. Good video though, love the channel

  40. Its was leaked today about a cameo with Doctor Strange, may be possible they were there to film a scene with him. That pumps me up.

  41. I want to make out with her pussy

  42. i was there on there yesterday and it was their first set. they were using the street as new york setting because the taxis had nyc logo on it.
    they kept facing their back towards the fans , probably to avoid commotion. nevertheless , i was there for almost 1 hr and i only saw like 5 mins overall.

  43. maybe there coming to warn him about Thanos and the green stone in stranges amulet

  44. the real question though is the wi fi password on the back of the card?

  45. move on noting to see here no connection at all we didn't do this for the are all cows head down and eat your grass!!…

  46. Dem Leather pants though damnnnnnnnnn

  47. Better make sure that none of the girls in New York faint after getting a close up look at Hiddleston.

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