Thor & Loki (Original Sin) – The Complete Story

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2014-09-26 00:11:28

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  1. shout out to spawn

  2. so the 10th realm is image comics

  3. wouldn't it be super weird for loki to suddenly become a girl

  4. 3:57 'quickness' 🤣

  5. soooooo……. is female Loki turned back to a male now?

  6. lol, well at least Thor has Odin as a father and not Zues otherwise he could not keep up with all the Manwhore deities children flowing over the walls like water from a rainfall

  7. anyone !at answer this question…. is this why Thor is unworthy? if so why does he still have his hammer?

  8. I miss this Thor

  9. I need more Archie content. I wonder who would win in a fight, Archie or Reggie and Jughead vs Dilton and Archie and Reggie vs Moose.

  10. the young one

  11. comicstorian is Loki a girl because she looks like one

  12. hey what happened to the unworthy thor

  13. Ohh big surprise. Loki betrays

  14. your awesome I wish u could read a whole comic book series by series that would be epic

  15. hey! I realy like your videos but i have some characters that i want to know more about. i cant buy comic books cuz i live in israel and im only 16 years old so i like to watch your vids about diffrent heroes and villians. can you please do the Loki: agent of asgart story and some videos about the silver surfer? its just that the surfer is my favorite hero and i would like to know more about him :):):)

  16. Name of the music theme?

  17. How did Thor lose his hammer in the first place

  18. Wait how did Thor get to wield his hammer again?

  19. i loved this story. angela is such a great addition to the Asgardian royal family

  20. Awesome !!!👍👍👍 Can you also do a Thanos and Apocalypse Original Sin…???

  21. Loki Jenner?

  22. wait, didn't Thor lose his hammer?? da fuuuck

  23. Yo, thank you for your amazing content. You just earned a sub. Your voice and excitement keeps us interested. I can tell that you're passionate. Keep up the great work.

  24. Is Jane foster still Thor??

  25. Can you do the rest of the original sin tie-ins such as daredevils, the avengers, fantastic fours, etc.?

  26. love your videos dude!! amazing how u make it work it out!!! got me so up to date

  27. I know it was cancelled but could you do a video for Angela Queen of Hel?

  28. this comic is boring

  29. so that's why mr fantastic created that thor android and u said that thor died in a earlier event

  30. was this before the civil war event

  31. dude u used th wrong intro

  32. By heaven did he mean the biblical heaven??

  33. What made Thor unworthy?

  34. i kinda wanna see this on film but it would take alot of tweaking in the current MCU

  35. Popcorn should be illegal.

  36. i dont understand this one

  37. wait, how did thor have his hammer if he was unworthy?

  38. How is Thor able to wield his hammer? Didn't he lose the ability to do so in original sin?

  39. Angela? Like the Spawn character?

  40. I'm guessing what made Thor unworthy of the hammer and the thing nick said to him is that he can't control his anger

  41. Why would would they battle heaven?

  42. How did Loki become a kid and be good?

  43. So Loki is a woman now. Umm, could you at least have mentioned if he ever turned back?

  44. Thank you ,I never knew.

  45. Yes Thor, you do have a sister, her name is Loki

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