Thor: God of Thunder Angry Review (Video Game)

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2011-07-08 15:38:41

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  1. i miss his couch

  2. I love ya joe, now watching some of your old stuff, you should really consider getting some exercise you used to be thin.

  3. When he said this game has less enemy types than mortal kombat does characters… i dont think ANY game besides fallout and skyrim have over 27 different enemy types

  4. tiny hammer

  5. Mike the Nintendo Master

    This game was much better on the wii and DS. another case where a game is far better on the wii than it is on the 360 and piece of crap they call the ps3.

  6. thor god of thunder is awful

  7. "Nobody wants to sit on their couch and wear glasses while they watch TV. Nobody!" Yeah, except us people that can't see shit without them Joe. Lol

  8. may the spiderman game for ps4 be the first brilliant movie game

  9. Just being honest here Joe was skinner

  10. man this video its great, reminds me of the avgn

  11. 6:15 I wear glasses and as a glasses wearer I am entitled to allow this to offend me and call it sexual assault and discrimination

  12. What makes me a little sad is that there is a great God of War style game centered on Thor here. It was just under developed and undercooked, even with the success of the Arkham games, developers don't want to bother doing anything worthwhile with the IP, treating movie licensed games like cheap dollar store toys.

  13. this was 6 years ago.. man time flies

  14. thats a cool controller

  15. can you do one on star trek online please

  16. I have this game on wii its way worse

  17. Man Joe must have a really enticing scent if OJ kept on following him into the house XD

  18. I agree with the computer. I'm more of an Apple Jacks kind of guy.

  19. Saw this game on clearance in Gamestop for like $10.00. It was hiding behind Bayonetta.

  20. Rare Fire Type Lenny 3467


  21. "No one wants to sit on their couch, and wear glasses while they watch tv?" I have to have them to see, you ass!

  22. "Stupid… should've seen it coming…"
    But, but you did. That's why you shoved that guy out of the way.

  23. NO HE DIDN'T!

  24. Joe…

    I've been without electricity for 2 months. My only source of entertainment has been watching your vids on this chromebook while drinking cheap wine from a bottle, purchased with spare change I found in old luggage.This review and a half bottle of $3 merlot made me realize a couple of things:

    1. Life is too short.
    2. You are my mantra

    I had more, but I said "couple" and couple is 2.

  25. spiderman 2 the game is prooooobably the best movie game ever🤘


    Me after installing Heavy Rain for the first time.

  27. When dafuq is Joe making a cameo appearance in a Tekken movie arguing with Marshall Law over who get a to loan the last hundred?! "I gatt 5 kids to feed mann!"

  28. Anyone realised that this game got a 3, because he didn't have to play it in 3D? Anyone?

  29. His fucking intros 😂😂

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