Thor Gets Back His Power.

Nice scene from Thor.
2013-05-04 10:09:52
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  1. thor brock his leg when he was 17 now he is 57

  2. this movie i like

  3. I have read that some people didnt like this Marvel movie. I thought it was terrific.

  4. If I saw that hammer shooting towards someone at that rate, I'd have been like "INCOMING!"

  5. Bob Jackson: Bus Driver

    there are a lot of he-man references here, can someone edit the 80's version I HAVE THE POWER onto this 😃😃

  6. I'd Give Thor 😍the kiss of life♡♡♡♡

  7. lo voy a matar

  8. ahora mira 2017

  9. mi madre hacy. lloro

  10. asi ya hiciste. tu cimentario

  11. A bitch slap from the destroyer would have taken a normal person's head away or at least smashed his face.

  12. Loki had complaints about his father favoring thor but due to this hatred, he couldn't see how much his brother loved him.

  13. for years I thought this was Brad Pitt

  14. Não existe thor nem super sayadin nem zeus nem pica-pau nem hulk nem capital america não percão o foco a realidade é Deus e Jesus Cristo.

  15. 2:14 star wars reference anakin's scar

  16. Power.Thor 👊

  17. Thor is powerful then all avengers

  18. ملك موت ملك موت

    شنو اسم فلم

  19. that was a perfect opportunity to let jane foster take the mjolnir and become the mighty thor

  20. I think it could have been better if, when Thor gets his hammer back, the Destroyer walked up to him, was about to slap him again, and then… it knelt, recognizing Thor has mastered his aggression. Like grown-ups. Meanwhile Loki loses his composure because even a soulless machine like the Destroyer does not recognizing him as a true god worthy of obedience. The guards exchange glances, thinking the same. Que ending.

  21. Did anybody see this the first time and instantly get excited for a he-man movie when u saw the lighting? lol

  22. how can be power to thor


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