Thor – Fight Moves Compilation(AoU Included) HD

Every single fight move by Thor in the MCU INCLUDING AGE OF ULTRON FIGHT MOVES!! in HD 1080p.
2015-08-25 06:28:23
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  1. To the idiots thinking he's underpowered in the movies: He's not.

  2. Thor es una maldita caca

  3. development fast and furious

  4. The scene where he's fighting the frost Giants in Thor 1 should have been like that with all his fight scenes but they down graded the hell out of him in the later movies

  5. Everyone whining at thor becoming less powerful than comic canon earth 616.

    Except cap, everyone in mcu have the same fate for balance purposes and to nake everything more realistic and entertaining. I mean most of marvel's iconic villain is poweless like hydra is its not really entertaining if avengers can just entinguished them easily. In comics it works because its a 100x more bigger universe. In films you cant do that.

  6. I dont see how thor is weak according to some of you…

  7. Мукатай vienna

    How much video where is thor loser

  8. i love thor

  9. film ridicule qui n'a aucun sens

  10. outstanding

  11. L Kururugi (The Apex Truthseeker 荣誉)

    The "Hammerang" throws are getting better too.

  12. I love his team work with Cap

  13. 3:05 I really like how thor head hits back xD

  14. why is it in the Thor movies he fucking dominates entire armies by himself but when he's fighting with the avengers he shows almost none of that? you can't just pick and chose when you want him to be strong marvel?

  15. 2:00 see that? Thor is fucking hovering, so why the fuck doesn't he hover all the time?

  16. Ragnarok is the end of the World and death of gods
    except Stan Lee found another meaning

  17. ajudem o meu canal a crescer dando like e pedindo mais cenas de filmes obg

  18. So sad… so much lost potential in tdw and aou. Those movies could have been so good. So sad they dropped the ball on them.

  19. you missed the whole second part of him fighting hulk. or more like him getting his ass kicked by the hulk.

  20. 7:32 discount ironman?

  21. and people said MCU thor is weak .
    what i see here is he is holding back a lot .

  22. and people said MCU thor is weak .
    what i see here is he is holding back a lot .

  23. he still loses to Supes

  24. Hello John. I love this compilation but, the one I'd really like you to make would be; "Hulk's Greatest Hits"! You've got to admit, his two standalone movies, plus his avengers scenes adds up to a lot of good material and I'm sure the end result would be simply SMASHING!

  25. ya bu pezevenk memleketi asgardi niye korumuyo sikik dakka basi bizim burda 😂

  26. Superman makes Thor look weak

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