Thor : Female Thor Identity Reveal – Complete Story

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2015-05-15 15:26:55

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  1. Going to give it to you straight, spoilers for this video. But a few comments already said that sooo, you've been warned..

    Rosaline should have been Thor. This should have been about her, trying to be like her hero. But for the first week or so she doesn't do well.
    Later, it should be, after facing off against her first major baddie, she decides to be open about being Thor. Saying something along the lines of:
    "Yeah, I'm Thor. A SHIELD Agent, and kind of a fan. and yes. even a woman. Yeah, I bet a few of you are shocked, like 'Oh my gosh! she's a woman! I didn't think that could happen,' to be honest. I didn't think so either.. But with this hammer choosing me, this proves that anyone can be Thor. No color, gender, religion, age, or background can stop you really from being Thor. If you are worthy, then You are worthy, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Now, does that mean I'll stop being Thor and pass the torch down? No. It's an honor, and I am going to up hold it. But just know, with this hammer, I am not a woman. I am a super hero, an avenger, Thor."
    Just me though.

  2. This is fucking stupid

  3. Γρηγόρης Αράπης

    JANE IS THOR!?! WTF WHAT A TWIST!!! JK I totally saw this coming.

  4. Nick Fury whispered to Thor "Trump For President".

  5. I wish you can to another one of Thor stories like Thor Ragnork or The Surtur Saga

  6. "But through the power of feminism she was able to lift the hammer with her super strong vagina muscles…"

  7. I hope thor odinson will back as thor

  8. I miss thor odinson

  9. but dude how did dead pool carry thors hammer without getting any complications

  10. So when/if she dies from cancer who will become worthy of Mjölnir? Will Thor get his powers back?

  11. I hope she die

  12. God damnit, I wanted to know what Fury said to Thor.

  13. I thought became a girl. It makes sense now she was worthy .

  14. You a avenger if you watch marvdl according to these eses .

  15. she should call herself thunder cunt or thunder bitch

  16. ok so whe does this bitch die and we get the real thor back

  17. Female Thor is awesome better than the time superboy became a girl

  18. This is gay as fuck

  19. Her armor must be lvl 1 it covers too much of her skin…
    Mmorpg players will get it.

  20. Nick Fury said to Odinson your not worthy in a hypnotic way doing a mind scramble of confidence thus odinson is no longer worthy

  21. what price is there to using "magic"? and didn't Thor say that the magic of asgard is the same as midgard's science being that they are a super advanced civilization so techniclly jane wouldn't be accepting a magic treatment for the cancer but actually a advanced scientific treatment…lol don't know why I thought of that but now I confuzzled myself hah

  22. This is one of my favorite Comicstorian Stories! Well done!

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